Adding an app to n8n

If an app has an API, it can be added to n8n

We can help if:
  • Your a developer who wants to add their app to n8n for the first time.
  • You're trying to use an existing app on n8n, but it doesn't have the trigger, search or action nodes you need. To solve this we'll build a custom version.

Getting you setup quickly

We offer all the support your business needs to really benefit from automation.

Show us the API

To integrate with n8n, the app needs an API and a few other things. If it's your app, we'll need you to show us the documentation, or we'll need to find them if it's someone elses.

Decide on triggers, searches and actions

Every integration on n8n has a mix of functionality modules. We'll plan which ones you need and any special requirements.

Build the integration

We'll go away and build your integration. Once done it will be available for use in your n8n account and can be shared with others.

Need an app added to n8n?

Whether it's a new app you need integrating, or an existing n8n integration that lacks the functionality you need, give us the details and we'll get in touch.
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