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4 Reasons To Start Selling On Amazon

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Amazon has been a hugely popular place for people to shop online for decades – the site launched in 1994 and initially just sold books, and now it’s a massive online site selling pretty much everything you could possibly need (and it will often get you those things quickly; next day delivery is not out of the ordinary). Statistics suggest that Amazon is responsible for the sale of at least half of all new items online, and even if smaller sellers are trying to push back, it's certainly not an eCommerce store that’s losing popularity.

As an eCommerce store owner, you might not initially believe that Amazon is all that helpful – after all, isn’t it taking away some (perhaps the majority) of your potential customers? That could well be true, but what about looking at things in a different way and working with Amazon rather than against it? With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the reasons to start selling on Amazon.

Amazon Is Highly Trusted

Buying online is quick and convenient, but it’s not without its problems, and one of those problems is safety and security. Once you’ve inputted your personal and payment details into a site, sometimes you just can’t be sure about what’s going to happen next – yes, most of the time, you’ll get the things you ordered, and that’s it, but some of the time your details can fall into the wrong hands, causing untold problems (and in some cases, you might not even receive your goods, just to make things worse).

That’s always going to be a problem for smaller sellers because even if their website has the very best and most up-to-date security features, customers know they have to be careful, and they might still find the whole thing a little untrustworthy, especially if they know they can trust Amazon completely. In some cases, even if Amazon is selling a product that’s more expensive, people will choose it because they know their information will be safe.

You can use that trust to sell your own products through Amazon. By joining the Amazon platform, you don’t have to try to persuade potential customers that you’re not a dangerous place to buy from – the trust is built in because you’re with Amazon. That takes away a big hurdle, and could bring you many more customers than you would have had otherwise.

Amazon Is A Massive Platform

There’s no doubt about it – Amazon is a massive platform that won’t stop growing any time soon – there are millions of products for sale and they’re sold all over the world to loyal and new customers alike. It’s a wonderful success story that you can be a part of – imagine how much more profit you could make if you were able to tap into even a tiny percentage of that market.

Plus, don’t forget the Amazon Prime members. These are people who pay extra money each month to get the very best deals, service, delivery, and extras that Amazon has to offer, so it’s highly likely that these 200 million people will choose Amazon before any other site, often not even bothering to look elsewhere because of the perks they get for their monthly payment. That’s a massive loyal audience who might just want what you’re selling. If you can work with a specialist like Nuanced Media to ensure your marketing is done in the right way, you can certainly capture a lot of new customers and make a lot more money as a result.

Amazon Customers Buy More Often

In 2018, there was a study that suggested Amazon Prime members and other loyal Amazon customers spent more money when they shopped, and they shopped more often than others. That’s going to be down to the free shipping, the special Prime only deals (like saving money when buying multiple items, for example), and vast range of options they can choose from, as well as much more.

The fact that these people not only buy more often but also spend more when they’re on the site or the app for Amazon shouldn’t be ignored either – that’s money that could be going to you if you can put your products in front of the right people, at the right price, and get them noticed. With help, as we’ve mentioned above, that’s not such a difficult challenge, and it could definitely be worth investigating more about selling on Amazon when you realize there’s so much you can get out of it.

Amazon Is Quick And Easy

There are many reasons why people might choose to buy their items from Amazon rather than another site, but one of the biggest reasons is that it’s so quick and easy, not to mention convenient, to do it. You can quickly hop onto the website and log in (or keep yourself logged in if you’re not on a public computer) and with just one click, you can buy whatever you want. With the app, you can do the same thing but you don’t even have to be at home. Once your order is placed, you can even receive what you bought the next day, and sometimes, depending on where you live and what you bought, the same day. Of course, people are going to use Amazon!

Yet it’s important to note that as much as Amazon is quick and easy for customers, it’s also quick and easy for sellers. It only takes a few short steps to set up an account and start selling through the platform, and although you do need to make sure you put time and effort into your listings and descriptions, you can be up and running within a few hours if you want to, and you’ll instantly have a huge audience of millions of people. That can be very tempting, especially when you consider that setting up your own website can be time-consuming and expensive.

You can even have a website of your own and sell on Amazon, and for some sellers that’s ideal. Not only do they have the chance to grow their own business in their own way, but they also have the backup of a massive eCommerce partner like Amazon, so it’s a win-win situation.

April 16, 2024
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