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5 ways automation can help your business in 2023

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Thinking about using automation in your business? Check this article to see how it can help you and why it is essential in everyday business life.

Automation has been a controversial subject in recent years, but the benefits for businesses are undeniable. While there's concern about how automation will impact job security, most companies use it to streamline systems and optimize productivity to provide better service for all.

Here are five simple ways automation can help your business in 2023.

Improving Marketing Efforts

Automation has infinite applications in marketing. To oversimplify an assortment of complex and varied initiatives, we'll focus on two overarching approaches: task management and data collection.

Automation can be used to create marketing collateral with limited resources. Automated tools can help marketers do everything, whether trying to resize video online to cross-post between YouTube and TikTok. It can also download tiktok video on pc or automatically send marketing email campaigns.

Automated tools also aid in data collection to help marketers make informed decisions about campaigns. With the right tools, marketers can automate an A/B test to see what button color drives more conversions or generate reports on analytics from social media and web traffic.

Streamlining Project Management

Another area where automation plays a powerful role is project management. Communication and poor data or process management can be the downfall of an otherwise healthy business. Using automated project management tools and alert software can keep everyone on the same page about important tasks, deadlines, and initiatives. For financial teams, automation can also help streamline the month-end close process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial reporting.

Project management automation is also beneficial for solo entrepreneurs with limited resources to keep on task and maximize productivity. 

Aiding in Inventory Management

Inventory management has been a friction point for many businesses since 2020. While many supply chain gaps have started to return to normal, many industries in 2023 will still have challenges managing and maintaining their stock.

Automation can help streamline inventory by:

  • Reducing incidents of human error
  • Sending alerts when stock is low
  • Updating the website and customers when stock is low to prevent new orders
  • Automatically reordering low stock
  • Driving AI to use dynamic pricing strategies
  • Integrating with project management tools to assign tasks
  • Creating centralization for data between warehouses

At a basic level, all retail businesses should use automation to manage stock and streamline logistics while being well aware of their employee costs. Additionally, using tools such as Ollie's software to manage B2B orders as a beverage producer can facilitate the order fulfillment process while reducing manual tasks and potential errors, reflecting positively on customer satisfaction levels in an increasingly competitive market. Another industry-specific software, like salon inventory software, can be used for a similar purpose, except the focus is placed on salon items like shampoo, hair-cutting equipment, and barber chairs. Additionally, salon software to manage online bookings can streamline appointment scheduling, making it easier for clients to book services and for salons to manage their schedules efficiently.

Assisting in Hiring Practices

Recruiting and human resources have experienced significant (positive) disruption since automation’s become more prevalent. Automated tools assist with generating and cross-posting job openings. Similarly, AI-enabled tools, like applicant tracking systems (ATS), scan applications to determine whether they merit review by a hiring manager. And a hiring app can also assist in streamlining the recruitment process

Automation can also elevate the onboarding process to increase employee satisfaction, time to full work, and retention metrics. Research shows that strong onboarding can improve retention by over 82% and productivity by 70%

Exploring these options is a must if your business has struggled to find and retain qualified employees in recent years, as the staffing shortage isn't expected to end any time soon.

Final Thoughts

Finally, automation can enhance the customer experience and make your business more accessible. Implementing automatic responses via social media chatbots and email marketing platforms ensures quick communication without burdening limited human resources.

The other applications listed above also impact the customer experience. The more streamlined your inventory management, the more targeted your marketing, and the happier your customers, the more successful your business will be.

January 25, 2023
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