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6 Conversion Marketing Tactics for Your Business in 2023

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Conversion rates are one of the factors that are crucial for every business. That is why the owners make every effort to raise them as quickly as possible. However, not everyone succeeds in achieving results. The main reason for this is usually a lack of knowledge about effective conversion marketing tactics.

They make up a separate category of ways and methods aimed not only at increasing coverage but also at actively converting visitors into customers. By implementing this approach, you can significantly improve business profitability and maintain a long-term effect. If these are the results you need, then here are some effective conversion marketing tactics to consider.

Focusing on Social Networks

Social media presence is currently one of the key factors for successful brand development in 2023. This statement is supported by dozens of facts that show the users looking for brand information on these platforms. One of them is indicated in a study by Tech Crunch. Experts found that about 40% of young people prefer Instagram and TikTok when looking for the best solution for a specific request.

This means that companies that have profiles on popular social networks have a higher chance of increasing conversions. On the other hand, social recruiting also plays an important role in recruitment these days. 

However, to achieve the desired results, it is not enough to simply fill out your profile. Constant activity and maintaining the interest of visitors is also required. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this task:

  • Taking advantage of communities and groups: Users of social networks often look for answers to questions in live communication with other participants. That is why they join thematic groups and communities. Companies can use this fact to their advantage by posting relevant content on the pages of such associations. They also employ social media monitoring tools to filter relevant discussions. In this way, you can significantly increase organic reach.
  • Active communication with the target audience: It is about responses to comments left by users of social networks. In this case, two important goals can be achieved at once. One of them is a higher rating. Algorithms better index those resources that have a lot of comments, so the presence of active communication helps to improve positions. The second goal is to capture the lead. Having received the necessary information in the comments, the visitor can decide to perform the targeted action.
  • Launching advertising campaigns: To increase conversion, it is worth thinking ahead and planning one or several advertising campaigns. Social networks have all the necessary tools for this.

To combine all these points and ensure the further development of the profile in social networks, it is worth consulting with a specialist in this field.

Developing a Powerful Call to Action

Sometimes there are situations when the product description and the advertising content itself are interesting for potential customers, but the conversion rate does not meet expectations. The cause of the situation may be a weak CTA that does not inspire the desire to take the corresponding action. A few simple recommendations will help to improve it:

  • Creative format: To convince the user, you should choose an interesting option for submitting a call to action. For example, you can make it entertaining and design it according to the voice of the brand.
  • Doubling the call: Placing two CTAs on the page at once increases the effect and helps to increase the desire to click the button.
  • Attractive design: This aspect also influences decision-making. If the button has a convenient format, an understandable font, and an expressive appearance, then the chances of accepting the offer increase significantly.

The effect of following the recommendations will be noticeable immediately after their implementation.

Use of E-mail Facilities

Some companies don't pay enough attention to emails because they believe that almost no one opens them. The situation is completely different. Electronic marketing is one of the methods that provide a high return on investment. However, the desired results can be achieved only if effective strategies are used. For example, you might consider creating interactive content that provides user interaction.

It can be a survey, tests, or an offer to fill out a certain form. The answers to these application forms will become the basis for the analysis of the target audience. As a result, you will be able to collect valuable data, based on which you can plan better email advertising campaigns. Personalization of letters can be another winning strategy. If the database contains certain data about the recipients, then it is worth developing individual content that will help to feel a special value for the company.

Creating Compelling Content

Another component of successful conversion marketing tactics in 2023 is content that grabs visitors' attention, tells a story, and creates a sense of brand trust. We are talking about all its possible formats, starting from product descriptions on the landing page and ending with profile design in social networks. There are 2 main requirements for these types of content: relevance and high quality. If the content meets them, then it provides several benefits:

  • Increasing the time visitors stay on the web resource
  • Increasing coverage
  • Reduction in rejection rates
  • Moving to higher positions in search results
  • Increasing interest in the site/other resource
  • The result is a significant improvement in conversion rates and an increase in the total amount of profit

Use of Video Materials

To increase the coverage and chances of conversion rates, you should also add videos to your marketing strategy. This type of content engages visitors more than text and plain images. Video materials are especially relevant in the field of sales of various goods. In this case, you can make reviews of your products and show them in detail to potential customers. Additionally, consider selecting demo automation software to streamline your product demonstration process and enhance the overall customer experience.

To further amplify your marketing impact, integrating AI video editor tools is a game-changing strategy. These tools streamline the video creation process, enabling you to produce compelling and professional-grade videos with minimal effort. You can even use AI to add voice over to videos. By leveraging AI's capabilities in editing, animation, and even content generation, you can craft videos that are not only visually stunning but also tailored to your audience's preferences and behaviors.

By watching such videos, users are more actively considering the target action. In general, the importance of this type of content is difficult to overestimate. After all, it is useful at several stages of the sales funnel at once. The value of the tool lies in the following aspects:

  • The emergence of desire by suggestion
  • Providing useful information that inspires authority and trust (consideration stage)
  • Demonstrating all intent-boosting properties (conversion stage)

However, it is worth remembering a few simple recommendations that will help increase the effect of video marketing. For example, you can use panoramic videos with a full viewing angle to create a more immersive experience. With the knowledge economy booming, another effective solution can be educational video materials that provide a certain value to the visitor. The plan can also include creating entertaining interactive videos to help increase engagement.

Providing Rewards to All Loyal Customers

Customers, who are satisfied with the quality of products/services, can sometimes share information about the brand. They can do this in several ways:

  • Through affiliate software
  • Reviews in video format
  • Publications on social networks

Such cases should be noted and encouraged for further tags. Rewards can be discounts, favorable offers, personal promotions, gifts, and many other incentives. This can drive new brand tags, resulting in increased reach and a higher chance of conversion.


Today's brands have ample opportunities to promote and improve engagement. These include methods aimed at increasing traffic, analyzing potential audiences, identifying customer touch points, and improving funnels.

However, the main goal of every business is conversion. To improve this indicator, it is worth combining several methods at once. For example, you can add videos, optimize your content, create a powerful call to action, improve your email marketing campaign, or choose another method from this article.

July 21, 2023
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