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All Things Automation Newsletter 18 Feb

All Things Automation Newsletter 18 Feb
February 18, 2021

All the latest news, resources and tutorials for Zapier & Integromat

An automated future: our evolving relationship with automation

Would you say that automation makes your job easier? What about more enjoyable? And has the use of A.I., automation and robotics changed how much you earn?

As the use of automation continues to grow in professional spheres, we’re seeing some very interesting correlations between automated workflows and better quality of life.

In Japan - a country that’s relied heavily on robotics automation for decades - robots have been complementary to employment. The more affordable and accessible robotics become, the more a worker’s wage increases - not decreases.

Then there’s the argument of human error.

In many cases, automation is used for jobs that are better left to automation anyway. For example, a company in Australia recently adopted autonomous vehicles for the transportation of equipment. Using driverless “utes” not only saves time and money but reduces the risk to human life and removes an unnecessary, time-consuming job. 

These examples speak to a future where our jobs become more pleasant thanks to automation. 

The latest from Zapier

  • Disorganised meetings not only waste your time but your capital, too. Check out this Luhhu tutorial to start automating your meeting logistics — like agendas and notes — using Zapier.

  • RSS offers a simple way to pull data from websites and keep track of breaking news in a particular sphere. In this Zapier blog post, you'll learn four ways to use RSS in your daily automations. 
  • Coupons help entice customers to buy from your store. This Zapier tutorial will show you how to create unique coupon codes automatically — saving time, effort and the risk of duplicate codes.

  • Ever been about to go on a sales call and thought, “Wait… who am I actually speaking to and why?”. If so, Zapier is here to help. Watch this video to learn how automatically-curated client/contact data can improve all your virtual meetings.

  • When launching a new product or app, you'll want to keep track of your early supporters. That way they can be the first to know when your product goes live. In this post, we'll show you how to automatically keep up with a waitlist in Zapier. 

The latest from Integromat

  • Want to start and sell your own online course? Great. Want to automate it, too? Even better! End-to-end course automation is easy, now that Thinkific is on Integromat.

  • Referral programs are one of the best ways to grow your business organically. They also take time to create and manage… or do they? With Integromat and ReferralHero working side-by-side, a successful referral program is within your reach — with minimal admin.

  • Webflow can ping you new webform requests via Slack and email. But you’ll need to write a reply yourself, unless you patch a quick Integromat workflow together. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to automatically respond to Webflow submissions using Integromat.

  • Scraping website data is one of the best ways to enrich your Integromat automations. Head over to this post if you want to get started.

  • A good news story to round-up the newsletter this fortnight. Head to the Integromat blog to find out how a Munich-based company is using Integromat, Airtable, JotForm and other automation-ready tools to make industrial transformation more energy efficient.
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