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All Things Automation Newsletter (Dec 17)

All Things Automation Newsletter (Dec 17)
December 17, 2020

All the latest news, resources and tutorials for Zapier & Integromat

Clever automation gifts

Christmas shopping is a prime candidate for automation. First we spent hours browsing online, comparing prices and last minute delivery options. Then comes the wrapping! These guys were on to something when they invented the gift wrapping robot.

But while there’s no way to put these seasonal responsibilities on autopilot (yet!), there are plenty of unique automation-based gifts — for your loved ones and yourself.

Here are some of our favourite automation gift ideas for 2020:

Smart plugs and button-pushers. For casual fans of automation, smart plugs and button-pushers can be a great kick-starter for simple and creative home projects.

Smart speakers. You can't go wrong with the classics. Most major smart speaker providers (Apple, Amazon, Google) have updated their miniature smart speakers recently, making them a great gift for automation beginners.

Smart mugs for coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. For the automation-lover who has everything, a smart mug is the gift that keeps on giving. Choose a preferred temperature via an app and keep your drink at that temperature for over an hour.

Need help planning and visualising your workflows?

Many of our clients like to use a cool tool called Miro.

Map and diagram complex processes, add notes and keep track of changes - and if you have a team, get them involved as well.

With plans starting from just $8/month it's a cost-effective addition to your automation toolbox.

The latest from Zapier

- Ever wanted to have a Zap check with you before completing? With Zapier's new Approval app, you can do just that. This app halts your Zap at any point and sends you a notification before finishing.

- The greater the number of leads in your sales pipeline, the more you stand to sell — but you need to manage and nurture those contacts, too! In this tutorial from Zapier, you'll learn how to track leads over email, forms, and advertising campaigns.

- Freelancers are a valuable flexible resource for any business. So how do you onboard them successfully? In this video tutorial, a freelancing expert will show you how to automate the onboarding process with Zapier.

- Sometimes, you want a Zap to find exactly what you're looking for. Other times, you want it to make the selection for you. This Zapier how-to pulls a random row from a Google Sheet — perfect for publishing blogs or social media posts on your behalf.

- Most people know that Zapier can be used for automation. But did you know you can also use it to create a no-code app? That's exactly what you'll learn how to do in this guide. Enjoy!

You can't automate everything (sadly!)

Every business has some human-powered parts to their processes - and making sure everything gets done right can be quite the challenge.

One tool that can aid here is Process Street. Create templates and checklists, track team progress and even build in approval logic - all from just $12.50/month.

The latest from Integromat

- Squarespace is one of the most popular services for small businesses, and now it's integrated with Integromat, one of the most popular automation services, too.

- Whether you're new to automation or a seasoned veteran, eventually, you're going to run out of ideas. So here, have an extra 50 automation ideas for Integromat — that’ll get the creative juices flowing!

- The internet is covered in webhooks and APIs that offer valuable, real-time data. In this 7-minute video, you'll learn how to incorporate all that data into your Integromat automations.

- Mundane, menial work is a thing of the past with automation tools. Tired of manually typing essential documents? Click here to learn the power of WebMerge and Pipedrive to type your documents for you.

- Do you own a hotel, guesthouse, or B&B? In this webinar, you'll discover how to use Integromat and Jotform to improve your room bookings — automating invoices, creating a mailing list, storing data, and calculating customer visits.

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