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All Things Automation Newsletter (Nov 5)

All Things Automation Newsletter (Nov 5)
November 5, 2020

All the latest news, resources and tutorials for Zapier & Integromat

Looking for a new weekend project?

Automate your home

As a Luhhu newsletter subscriber, you probably spend a lot of time reading about — and experimenting with — automation to sharpen your business's performance, cut costs and reduce errors.

You may even use automated tools to organise your social life (read: video calls with friends and family). But there’s perhaps one major part of your life that hasn’t been touched by automation: the home. After all, home automation is about way more than just Alexa.

Below, we link to a collection of short and sweet automation projects — each of which are easy to complete over the weekend.

  1. Never forget to lock your front door again
  2. Impress the neighbours by automating your garage door
  3. Wake up to a nice cup of coffee — without lifting a finger
  4. For the more tech-savvy: create a custom smart home hub
  5. For the hardcore automator: create your own Google Home

And now that your home is in tip-top shape, it’s back to business…

The latest from Zapier

- When your business is powered by automation, client relationships can begin to feel a little… robotic. But that's where Woodpecker comes in. It's an email automation platform that aims to keep your emails feeling as natural as possible. And now, it's available on Zapier.

- Slack recently added new features to its chat platform, allowing users to create simple automations without needing an outside service like Zapier. While convenient, the automation features in Slack were a bit lacklustre. So Zapier went ahead and built workflow integrations, linking Slack's automation system with Zapier apps. Nice!

- In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to tag your MailChimp subscribers based on where they signed up. The result? More accurate email targeting, with minimal extra effort.

- Whether you're stuck at home, trying to take your business online, or simply want a stronger website, chatbots are a must. And in this blog post, you'll learn three critical ways to improve your chatbot performance using Zapier.

- Zapier is great for setting exactly when you want an automation to run. However, it's less easy to make automations run at random times. Unless, of course, you read through this tutorial.

The latest from Integromat

- Halfway through October, some exciting Integromat news hit the press: Integromat was purchased by Celonis for more than $100 million. You can read about the deal — and what it means for Integromat’s future — by clicking here.

- ThriveCart is a new, feature-packed service coming to the eCommerce market. And, luckily for Integromat users, it's going to launch with Integromat support from the start.

- Signing documents electronically is one of the best business conveniences in 2020. SignNow allows you take advantage of eSignatures, without having to worry about security, privacy or reliability. And, with an Integromat integration, SignNow just became a whole lot more convenient, too.

- Every day’s a school day in the world of automation. This Integromat post explores a myriad of automation use cases, from social media to software development, and fitness tracking to finance.

- Social media is a powerful (if not the most powerful) tool for marketing your business. However, it can be difficult to maintain — especially if you're a small team. In this Integromat tutorial, you'll learn how to create a smart Twitter bot using Integromat and zero lines of code.

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