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All Things Automation Newsletter (Oct 16)

All Things Automation Newsletter (Oct 16)
October 16, 2020

All the latest news, resources and tutorials for Zapier & Integromat

Will automation create more jobs than it takes?

Fear of replacement is one of the major apprehensions surrounding automation. After all, if robots can do our jobs better than us, for less than us, and around the clock too, then how are any of us humans supposed to compete?

But here’s the thing, according to a report published by parliament’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee last year, the UK's challenge isn't too much automation, but too little.

And that this current wave of automation, like previous waves, has the potential to create as many jobs (if not more) than it takes.

This is a goal that Europe seems adamant to get right; adopting automation at a more cautious rate than the rest of the world. By following an informed and intentional path to automation, Europeans are likely to find themselves in a better position post-automation than before.

And on that inspiring note, here’s the latest automation news from across the web...

The latest from Zapier

- Remote work has become the new norm for many of us, but chances are there’s still a few creases to iron out. Whether you're intentionally or incidentally in a work-from-home situation, using Hubstaff with Zapier makes it easy to keep your team connected.

- Ever struggled to tell one zap from another in your ever-growing library? To help, Zapier recently launched a new feature called Zap Details, and you can read about here.

- Running an online shop may be more convenient than bricks and mortar, but it's no less time-intensive is it? In this Zapier tutorial, you'll learn five ways to bring automation into your WooCommerce store.

- Experienced Zapier users no doubt know about Zapier's built-in apps, used to fill in the gaps where third-party apps aren't available. In this guide, we cover the basics of Zapier's Push app.

- Kapta is a great new CRM app for managing your accounts, landing new clients, and increasing the Lifetime Value of existing ones. And now that it includes Zapier integration, you can do all of these things and more — automatically.

The latest from Integromat

- When it comes to tracking your runs and bike rides, Strava is the undisputed king. Thanks to its recent partnership with Integromat, you can now spend less time on your computer and more time on the trail, using the power of automation.

- Integromat's built-in Data Store feature is incredibly useful... and also incredibly confusing at times. With this 10-minute tutorial, you'll learn how to replace the Data Store tool with the Parse JSON Module & Switch Function.

- When it comes to your website, form handlers are one of the most critical interactions you have with users. In this Integromat tutorial, you'll learn how to create your own form handlers using the Redirect tool.

- As the old adage goes: “Time is money”. And when you’re automating, you want to manage your money in as little time as possible. That's why Integromat recently added Moneybird to its lineup of integrations — an app that allows you to better manage your accounting and invoices.

- Memberstack makes it easy to manage your users' login access and to process payments, perfect for SaaS services and gated content. Now, with Memberstack's recent addition to Integromat, you can create even smarter, seamless implementations of Memberstack's services.

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