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Archive your Gmail after a number of hours

Archive your Gmail after a number of hours
June 10, 2020

Zap Template: Archive your Gmail after a number of hours

If you get lots of notification emails from a particular service, it might be useful to have them automatically archived (or moved to a different folder) from your inbox after a set number of hours. Use this zap template to do that.

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How to use

This zap triggers when you receive a new email. If you prefer, you can narrow the trigger to certain additional labels (which you could set via Gmail filters).

Trigger a zap when you get a new email.

You can also use a filter in the zap to have this zap only run on certain emails. In this case, we don't want it to run on any emails we send ourselves.

Add a filter step in your zap.

Then there is a delay step. This can be set for anywhere between 1 minute and 4 weeks.

Add a delay step to your zaps.

The final step of the zap then removed the "INBOX" label from the message which has the affect of removing it from the inbox and archiving it in Gmail.

Remove a Gmail message from the inbox using Zapier.
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