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The next thing to automate - translating your website

The next thing to automate - translating your website
December 17, 2020

At Luhhu, we're always looking for ways that businesses can self improve using automation. Today we explore Weglot - and easy way to translate your website.

Most businesses don't translate their website. With English being the 'world's business language' and all that, it never seems to be a priority, nor something worth spending time or money on. However, that argument rests on the idea that the process is time consuming and requires hiring professional translators.

Enter Weglot - a tool that makes the goal of a multilingual website quick, easy and (mostly) automated.

With that in mind, translating your site is definitely something worth considering. The benefits are clear - you open yourself to whole new markets, and customers that otherwise would have skipped on by.

What is Weglot?

Weglot turns your website multilingual. It's compatible with every major CMS and once installed it automatically detects the content on your website and preps it for translation.

And this is where the automation magic happens. Using some of the best machine learning muscle available (like (Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex), a best-attempt translation will be done instantly.

Then, you can jump in and fix any mistakes, personalise the language a little and otherwise make sure everything looks good for publication. Not a foreign language speaker? No problem - Weglot makes it easy to hire expert translators to work on your site.

Geared for SEO success

Aside from easing the pure mechanics of translating your website, Weglot has your SEO success in mind. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - is the art and science of getting your site to the top of Google for search terms relevant to whatever it is you're selling. In the case of translating your website, the SEO benefits are also well discussed.

As well as translating the words on page, Weglot also translates your site's META data - various under-the-hood tags that help Google understand what it is you do.

Additionally, visitors hitting your site will automatically be redirected to the language versionthat makes sense for them, so they don't need to go hunting for the the switch menu. Weglot will also help you make sure that any popups, forms and sign-up flows are translated correctly as well.

How to get started

Weglot is well priced - with plans starting from for 10,000 words - and there is a free trial available so you can check that it works well for you. And if you do get stuck, their fantastic support team will take care of you.

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