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Automatically sync CRM metrics in your project management app using Droyd and Zapier

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Monday.com, Trello, Asana and other project management tools offer a lot of options to track progress as a team. However, these tools are focused on action items, as opposed to business metrics. 

Monday.com, Trello, Asana and other project management tools offer a lot of options to track progress as a team. However, these tools are focused on action items, as opposed to business metrics. 

A problem arises if one uses Monday alongside other tools (Salesforce, HubSpot, Lemlist, Wootric, a data warehouse...), and wants to automatically update it with quantitative data, such as sales pipeline metrics.

Most of us use project management tools for a specific purpose, not as an all in one: 

  • 1-1 meetings, 
  • progress on a marketing event
  • tracking OKRs across departments and so on...

In these scenarios, getting KPIs automatically synced on the correct board is hard

For instance, one might want to update a Monday board every morning with the new value of closed won deals, and progression towards a quarterly target. 

Trying to automate this with Zapier? Not quite possible as is.

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Zapier is good for single events, but doesn’t handle aggregated data so well (i.e. “how much money we made”).

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to fetch key metrics, such as “how much money we made yesterday”, in most automation tools. 

The HubSpot - Zapier connector, for instance, only returns events (i.e. a “deal just closed”), not aggregated reports (“how much money did we make”).

This is where Droyd comes in! 

Droyd allows you to easily compute metrics from your CRM or any tool, and send that data to Slack or Zapier

This will allow us to easily sync quantitative data in our project management tool. Details on how below. First, let’s take a real life example.

Real life example: Solutions engineers performance review

Picture this - Annie manages 3 solutions engineers that support Sales and Customer Success teams on deals. 

Her team influences both quantitative goals and qualitative projects. For instance:

  • Help $10,000 of pipeline to close this quarter
  • Implement a series of projects (workflows, tutorials, training) through the quarter.

Annie wants a centralized place to run weekly 1-1s, where she can follow both her team’s KPIs and projects. 

This means Annie needs quantitative and qualitative goals, in once place, for the quarter, alongside a weekly log. Let’s set this up together

What you need to get started

1. A board to follow performance reviews. We use Monday in this example but other tools such as Airtable, Asana, Trello or Google Sheets will allow a similar workflow with Zapier. 

2. A Zapier account with access to webhooks.

3. A Droyd account connected to your CRM. We use HubSpot but many other sources are available, such as SalesForce, Pipedrive, lemlist - new ones are constantly added.

Why is this beneficial?

  • Bundle KPI and project progress in 1 place.
  • Set a proper cadence for performance review and make your team more data driven
  • Centralize key metrics from various teams/ teammates who use variety of tools
  • Don’t waste time copying and pasting numbers into spreadsheets
  • Get a log of each performance reviews through the quarter for extra transparency

Step by step guide

In this guide, we use HubSpot as a CRM and Monday as a project management tool. This would work with other CRMs and other project management tools.

1. Getting metrics from your CRM into Zapier. We’ll use HubSpot.

As mentioned above, Zapier isn’t super powerful when it comes to fetching Metrics. This is why we will first use Droyd, a tool to automate reports on key metrics.

a. Connect HubSpot with Droyd

In Droyd, connect HubSpot (or Salesforce / any CRM available) then build the key metrics you want to follow. Here’s a quick video showing to do so: 


In this example, we’ll use “Simple metrics” from Droyd as we just need to get the number sent to our tool.

a. Get metrics from HubSpot into Zapier using Droyd

Once you have KPIs in Droyd, create a report that will be sent to Zapier. Create a workflow in Zapier and choose “catch hook”

Zapier will provide an url that looks like this: https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In Droyd, go to Reporting. Create a report, then choose to send it to Zapier.

You’ll be able to copy your Webhook URL.

In the Report content section, choose the metrics you had created in Step 1. Once saved, these metrics will automatically be pushed to Zapier, using the schedule you set. We recommend a daily update to always keep our Monday board up to speed. 

Save your report in Droyd and test the trigger in Zapier - you will see the data flowing in

2. Create your performance review board. We’ll use Monday.com

a. Ensure you properly identify the cell to be update with metrics

Our board looks like this:

The blue section at the top is used for key metrics. We’ve set the “Q1 results” cell as the one that is going to be updated by our Zap. 

Make sure to clearly identify the cells that will be updated by Zapier.

The others are just regular cells to track progress, and calculations between cells inside Monday. This is a simple setup to get clear visibility on progress, at a glance.

b. Tweak the board to your liking

Tools like Monday offer many options from calculations, to setting higher level boards and connecting them together and setting permissions. We recommend playing

around with that based on your team’s setup.

3. Finalize the Zap: from webhooks to Monday.com

Once that’s done, just finalize the workflow in Zapier. We will use “Update item number Column Value” in Monday. 

Connect your account as indicated by Zapier

Your action will look like this:

Use the value from the Droyd setup as the new value on the board. 

Once you turn your Zap on, Droyd will automatically send the data to Zapier every day, which will in turn update your Monday board!

4. Don’t forget to set a process and enjoy!

Once you’re done, make sure you set a process for your team’s performance review: a cadence of meetings, where the meetings notes be logged, and so on.

On Monday there is the Comment Section, which you can use to discuss progress. 

The audit log is quite nice as well, as you can use it to track updates on a daily basis if you want to. 

Bonus: Send your key metrics to Slack

With Droyd, you can also natively get performance updates in Slack. 

If you’ve set a report for this automation, you can duplicate it and tweak the destination to get Slack KPI updates. 

It’s pretty straightforward, so feel free to give it a shot!


Co-founder @ Droyd

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March 26, 2021
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