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Best Time to Start and Grow Ecommerce Business

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Even though there is more competition, there are many other factors that ensure a comfortable start to work. Let's consider them.

When is the best time to start an e-commerce business? In different periods, people start such a business and get good results. But if at the beginning of the development of e-commerce, it was difficult to start, now it is much easier.

Why is it easy to start a business now?

Reasons to start now are:

  • Clear market conditions. The birth of any industry is associated with a certain chaos. And now, when e-commerce is developed, market participants understand how it works.
  • Many positive examples. When you want to find a working model for a successful business, you do not need to invent it from scratch. You can explore which businesses in the areas of interest in e-commerce have shown their effectiveness. When there are multiple options, they become hints. You can use working models and MVP examples invented by other people, adapting them for yourself. This greatly simplifies the task.
  • The willingness of customers to purchase goods using e-commerce resources. Today, the consumer no longer needs to be told about the benefits of ordering goods via the Internet, when they do not need to spend time shopping. This means that you are already entering a sphere that is promoted and in demand. You just need to think over the marketing campaign and, of course, ensure that your product is of high quality so that it is competitive. And in this way  you will be able to have a successful online store.

Now is a good time to get started.

How to deal with seasonal items

Above, we talked about general trends. However, certain market segments are subject to different conditions. These are seasonal items. For example, swimwear or clothing for winter holidays, such as hoodies or jackets. In season, such things are bought very actively. In other periods - less. This means that you need to acquire all the necessary goods that you will sell in time, so that it does not happen that there is already demand, but the assortment has not yet been formed.

Start your advertising campaign a little earlier than your competitors. So you stand out among them. Make promotions with discounts that are limited in time. If the discount is valid for a long time, customers are in no hurry to buy the product. But when the time constraint trigger fires, it opens up a lot more room for growth in sales momentum.

By the start of the season, you should have a marketing campaign plan ready to sell your product. This applies to paid advertising, content strategy, and ready-made scripts for communicating with customers. When scripts are not prepared, sales managers communicate with customers intuitively, and in most cases, this does not lead to as many requests for goods as if they had a competent script.

The season ends quickly. To do well, you need to be prepared. Special seasonal catalogs can serve as a platform to promote discounts. Utilizing an online catalog maker expedites the creation of these catalogs.

Many, probably, had a question about what to do next after its completion. A good solution may be to expand the sales market and focus on other groups of the target audience. Let's go back to the swimsuit example. Even if it is not the season in your country, many tourists fly to rest in other countries. Before a vacation, a person usually wants to buy new beautiful things, including a swimsuit. So - you need to think about how to become as visible as possible to such customers. Perhaps you should cooperate with well-known travel agencies and order advertising from them or arrange for booklets to be placed in their offices.

Seasonal products are harder to work with, but that doesn't mean it's unrealistic. And if you are afraid that you will not cope, but do not want to give up the idea, you can find a compromise solution. Fill the assortment with universal products, and make several sections for seasonal ones.

How to get started in e-commerce now

For your activity to be successful, it must be planned. This is the main recipe for success. Otherwise, you will act chaotically and inconsistently. And chaos, as mentioned above, hurts income.

When there is a lot of chaos in business? When an entrepreneur does not act systematically, but simply impulsively tries to realize his dream of having his own business. At first, it may even be interesting, but the excitement passes very quickly as soon as a person encounters the first difficulties, which he also created due to the lack of a plan and system.

The first steps in e-commerce should look like this:

  • Niche selection. See from the point of view of expediency and customer request. Some entrepreneurs are afraid to work in highly competitive niches because they do not know if such competition will survive. But it is worth remembering: where there is high competition, there is good demand. These are niches in which there is a lot of money.
  • Thinking through the business plan. How are you going to enter the market? What indicators should be achieved in a month, six months, or a year? How much business progress will you consider sufficient for each of these periods? All these questions should be answered by a well-thought-out business plan, also known as process of strategic management.
  • Develop a risk prevention strategy. The mistake many entrepreneurs make is that they skip this step. Of course, everyone wants to see the prospects for their business as positive as possible. But in reality, things are different. And so that unforeseen situations do not take you by surprise, sometimes you need to be able to answer some difficult questions for yourself. What will you do if a supplier runs out of stock during the high season? What strategies for dealing with problem customers will save you from reputational risks? How will you solve technical problems if there are temporary interruptions in the operation of the site? What alternative channels of communication with the audience would be appropriate?
  • Consider a content plan. This applies to both the website and the company's social media pages.

It is worth talking about the content plan in more detail. Let's touch on the topic of the social networks of the company. People love it when a company not only offers its product but also cares about the target audience, and places useful recommendations. For example, it can be TOP 5 tips on how to take care of the product to extend its service life.


The best time to start an e-commerce business is now. Today, this area is more understandable than since its inception. It is easier to understand, and there are many positive examples around that motivate and give clues about which strategies are most effective. Don't delay starting your business. Now is a good time to begin and get the maximum result. E-commerce is multifaceted and you can choose the direction of interest according to your interests.

August 8, 2023
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