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Common issues with Zapier + Hubspot

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Zapier and HubSpot are powerful tools that help streamline your business processes. However, just like any advanced technological tools, they can sometimes present a variety of issues. This article goes into a deep dive to explore some of the common problems experienced when using these tools and ways to troubleshoot them.

1. Connection Issues

One of the most common issues that users encounter when using Zapier and Hubspot is connecting the two platforms. Often, users find that their HubSpot account isn’t connecting properly with Zapier, causing a halt in workflows. This usually happens when the HubSpot API limit has been exceeded, preventing Zapier from successfully conducting an operation.

To fix this, it's important to minimize the number of tasks being performed under a single HubSpot account. Also, ensuring the system and browser are updated can significantly reduce connection issues. If the problems persist after these steps, getting in touch with the support teams of both Zapier and HubSpot can often help resolve the issues.

2. Duplicate Records

Another common issue that users have reported is the creation of duplicate records. When the same data is sent from Zapier to HubSpot multiple times, duplicate records are created in HubSpot, which can confuse users as well as mar marketing and sales efforts. This issue is often caused by a lack of conditional filters to prevent record duplication or having Zapier's task history turned off, leading to the creation of duplicate contacts or deals.

One solution is to add filters in your Zapier zaps to ensure record duplication is prevented. Also, enabling Zapier's task history to track and see exactly what your Zaps are doing can help you better manage your data and avoid duplicates. If needed, HubSpot’s deduplication tool can be used to clean up any duplicates that might have been created.

3. Triggers Not Firing

Triggers not firing is another commonly reported issue with Zapier and Hubspot. This occurs when Zapier doesn't perform an action when it should. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as a misconfigured Zap trigger, an issue with your HubSpot account, or a temporary glitch with Zapier itself.

To troubleshoot this issue, begin by checking HubSpot's activity feed and timeline to identify if events logged can trigger the Zap. Also, ensure your Zap is turned on, and the trigger event is properly configured. Should the problem persist after these steps, reaching out to Zapier's support team is advised. Their team can check whether there was a system-wide issue that could have prevented your Zap from triggering.

July 25, 2023
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