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Detrack Zapier Integration

Detrack Zapier Integration
April 14, 2020

We built a Detrack integration for Zapier. Add it to your account to start building zaps.

Detrack is a delivery vehicle tracking and proof-of-delivery app that works on both iPhone and Android. We created a very basic Zapier integration that allows you to add a new delivery job.

Click here to add the Detrack integration to your Zapier account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a custom integration that we built for a client and/or internal use - we’re making the invite link available free for anyone that wants to use it in their own zaps. We offer this integration on an as-is basis, and can't guarantee it is bug free.

Keep in mind Zapier doesn’t offer support on privately made integrations like this and Detrack won't offer support either. If you do have problems, please email info@luhhu.com. We're happy to offer basic support to all, and can arrange more advanced support, as well as development and customisation options for paying clients. Email us to discuss details.

The integration has the following options:


- 'Add a delivery'

Create a delivery job within Detrack and set important information like date, pickup and dropoff location as well delivery item details.

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