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Email address search - the best ways to find anybody’s email

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Looking for someone's email address? It can be a tricky task! We explore some things you can try in your search.

This year, more than 4 billion people around the world are already using emails as one of their primary forms of communication. That’s over 7 billion email accounts and 3 million emails sent every second. 

Email is also used for different purposes—marketing, brand awareness and even recruitment—and it has given positive results every time.

But to be efficient in using email, especially in recruitment, it’s very important to find and verify the right email address to ensure that your messages get to the right recipient. 

In this case, you’ll need to use an email search tool that will allow you to speed up the process of finding email addresses for hiring managers. 

Email finders offer a lot of benefits to business—from generating new leads to assisting with recruitment. If you’re looking to hire new managers for your business, you can easily use an email search tool to find the email addresses of specialists and professionals within your niche. 

This way, you can easily contact them and set up a job interview. Doing so helps you save time in finding the right people for your organization and ensure that you are sending your offer to the proper recipient. Here, we look at some of the best ways to find anyone’s email online.

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Utilize an email lookup service.

This option is a no-brainer, especially if you’re short on manpower or you don’t have enough time to manually look up email addresses yourself. Email lookup services offer a shortcut to finding and verifying email addresses of potential candidates for your team. For even greater efficiency in your Email Marketing Campaign, incorporate Sparkle.io into your toolkit, an invaluable software for swiftly finding someone's email address, ensuring your cold email outreach is targeted and effective. 

You just need to feed them some information like the person’s full name and website, and within a matter of seconds, they’ll be able to generate an email address without you putting in too much time and effort into the job. Email finder software like Snov.io and Datanyze can also help you generate and filter leads faster, maximize the efficiency of your campaigns and speed up the growth of your business. Alernatives like Hunter.io are also great.

Then, after you have gathered the list of email addresses for your campaign and started it, you likely want 100% of your emails to reach their recipients. This percentage is called email deliverability, and it is an important indicator of any email campaign’s success. To learn more about this term, check out the list of tools to improve email deliverability.

Take advantage of Twitter.

Social media platform Twitter is not only popular for its unique content creation format but also because of its many useful features for business including Twitter Advanced Search

If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of people actually share their email addresses in their tweets, but they replace symbols with words to keep the bots from tagging their content. 

For instance, a financial advisor could tweet something about financial management and include a call-to-action at the end with his email address written as “jordan at financeservices.com” instead of using the “@” symbol. Twitter Advanced Search allows you to look for exact keywords like “at” and “dot” among the tweets of the person you want to contact. 

Subscribe to your prospect’s mailing list.

If you already tried other methods but you still haven’t found your prospect’s email address, you can subscribe to his mailing list if he has a blog or newsletter on his website. 

In most cases, newsletter emails will come from a specialist’s personal email address in order to build a more personal relationship with subscribers. You can take advantage of this to get the right email address from your prospect. 

Even if a more generic email address is used for newsletters, these professionals tend to use their personal email address to reply to your responses on their emails.


Use a generic email address or contact form to direct you to a prospect.

There are times when it seems almost impossible to find the email address that you’re looking for. But there’s always a contact form or generic email address provided on websites for accessibility purposes. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can send a general inquiry email on these addresses, which are usually handed by assistants or support teams. By simply shooting them an email asking to connect you with the person you want to reach is an easy way to get the right email address of your prospect. 

Just make sure that your email signature highlights your position in the company, so these assistants could take you seriously. 

Visit a website and check About Us and Contact pages.

Chances are, the email address that you’re looking for is right in front of you. If you’re looking to get in touch with someone who’s a part of another business or working for a company, you can easily go to that company’s website and check out its About Us and Contact pages. 

Most businesses these days highlight their team’s information in these pages to make them more accessible to consumers. A lot of professionals also have their own websites to promote their expertise, so you can take advantage of that when doing email search.

Browse through author pages.

If your prospect maintains a website or blog, you can browse through author pages to see if an email address is linked to his author information on the articles he’s written. 

A lot of these specialists usually include their personal email address on these details as part of their promotional efforts and to make it easier for clients to contact them for inquiries or projects. 

Default WordPress themes and settings also usually include email addresses as part of author information.

Try a WHOIS lookup.

WHOIS is a data bank where you can find the contact information of people who own a website. So, if your prospect manages his own website or if he runs a blog, there’s a good chance that you’ll find his email address on the WHOIS data. 

Just go to who.is and search the domain of the email address that you want to find. WHOIS has millions of email addresses used to register a domain name, so you have a high chance of finding the information that you need. You can also use other related tools like DomainTools and Nominet.

Search through Google.

This is another classic method for finding email addresses. In fact, it’s one of the most obvious methods to use when you’re doing an email search because Google has most of the information that you’ll need about anyone. 

Try typing the person’s name plus the term “email address” to see if results come up with the email address that you need. You can also take advantage of Google search operators that allow you to be more specific about your queries to come up with more detailed search results. 

This is when it’s useful to have more details about your prospect to make your search more specific.

Go to Facebook.

With millions of active users, Facebook is easily one of the best platforms to look for the email addresses of people from around the world. If you have your own account, you must have remembered providing all those details when you were setting up your profile, and that included an email address. 

In most cases, you’ll see someone’s email address in his About page on his Facebook account. And if you do find an email address here, it will most likely be a widely used one rather than just something that’s generic.

Check your own email list.

Sometimes, you don’t need to look far and wide for the email address that you’d want to reach. You just need to check on your won email contact list to see if your prospect has contact you before. 

Browse through your inbox and search for the name of the person you’d want to reach out to. Who knows, the information you’re looking for is just right there all along.

Try to export your LinkedIn connections.

Not a lot of people reveal their email addresses on LinkedIn, but it’s still worth trying to export your LinkedIn connections to see if you’ve made a connection with a prospect in this platform and if he indicated his email address on his LinkedIn profile. 

Take an educated guess.

If you think about it, most people follow some sort of formula when creating their email addresses. In fact, research has proven that people usually go for formats like:

  • First name + domain name
  • First name + last name + domain name
  • Initials + domain name
  • The first letters of their name + Last name + domain name

So, if you have someone’s first name, last name and possible domain name, it’s easier to make an educated guess about his email address. 

But since this could be quite time-consuming, you can speed up the process by using an email permutator tool that instantly comes up with a list of possible email addresses to be verified through an email verification tool. 

Business Needs and Goals

Identify the specific goals and objectives you want to achieve through technology implementation, such as improving efficiency, increasing sales, reducing costs, or enhancing the customer experience.Let’s consider an example where your primary business goal is to offer a customized experience by capturing the dining preferences of restaurant web visitors, but without gating content or relying on lead capture forms. In that case, you can use web tracking, IP data, email finders, and other tools discussed in this Leadfeeder’s guide to capturing emails to find leads you can then reach out to, perhaps with a customer experience survey.

The bottom line

There are no easy routes to finding people’s email addresses. Even with the help of email search tools, you still need to invest time and effort in looking up this information so you can reach out to the right people. 

So, if you have a list of email contacts, make sure to use that well and never spam people to avoid getting blocked and making it harder to exercise your outreach efforts.

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September 1, 2021
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