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Email Marketing Trends in the Era of AI: A Guide

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Email marketing has been a reliable tool for businesses, standing strong amid ever-changing digital trends.

According to statistics, 64% of marketers employ email marketing to connect with customers, and 77% of them have observed increased email engagement in the past 12 months.

The reason why email marketing remains popular is because it's cheap, easy to measure, and lets businesses send personal messages directly to customers, helping them create a strong connection with their audiences.

But how does AI affect email marketing? Artificial intelligence is changing how email marketing works, just like it's doing with other marketing methods. That’s why brands must keep up with the latest developments. 

So, let's look at the email marketing trends for 2024 to make sure your business stays in the loop and makes the most of its email marketing strategies.

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1. Pay Attention to Email Design

The way you design your emails can affect how many people engage with your emails and take action. For better results, stick to some best practices like keeping your layout clean and mobile-friendly, using eye-catching images, and keeping your message short but powerful. 

And here's another helpful tip: try using an AI image generator to make creating cool graphics for your emails easier. This way, your emails stay fresh and grab attention, making your email marketing game strong and effective.

You can also use email design generators to speed up your email design process. These tools don’t require any special skills or learning curve – just tell the AI what you want, and it will transform your concept into a visually appealing design within seconds. A dream for marketers. This not only saves time in creating email designs but also lets you experiment with different ideas to find the most effective one for your goal, theme, and brand. 

If you’re having trouble picking the right email design, consult your team. 10 people work better than 1 person. You can use an AI presentation maker to show your design efforts to your teammates and eventually choose the winning design. 

2. Strive Towards Interactive and Personalized Emails

Making emails interactive and personalized is a practice that’s expected to continue growing in popularity in 2024 because it has proven to be very effective. Here's why: personalized emails get almost a 30% open rate, much higher than the average of 21.33%. In addition, more than 70% of customers expect to receive personalized messages, and using personalized buttons can give you 200% better conversions than generic ones. So, in 2024, personalizing your emails will be key to keeping customers interested and improving important metrics like open and click-through rates. 

To do this well, try creating tailored content, using dynamic elements, and ensuring your designs work well on different devices. You can also use AI to make things easier by automatically analyzing customer data and preferences, helping you send more relevant and exciting content. 

3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Newsletters

Newsletters help businesses speak directly to their customers, sharing important updates and special deals. Newsletters aren't just informative; they also build a strong connection with customers, making them more loyal to a brand. There are different types of newsletters to suit different tastes, like ones with exciting content, special promotions, or exclusive offers. 

One cool trend in 2024 is interactive email newsletters. These are newsletters with clickable and swipeable elements that reveal extra content, animations, or special features right in the email. Some elements in these newsletters include image carousels, games, hover effects, and more. To make your newsletters even cooler, you can use AI art generators to personalize the content, create AI drawings and images, and make it visually appealing. 

4. Make Your Email Campaigns More Customer-Centric

With so many emails going out each year, it's a real challenge for brands to stay in their audience’s minds. The solution? Focus on customer-centered, super-relevant messages. In the past, companies mostly shared what they wanted to say, but in 2024, they need to start meeting what customers want. 

That means understanding customers’ pain points and connecting them with the company's offerings. To do this, consider using advanced personalization and segmentation techniques. Remember that it is not just about what you say; it's also about giving customers a choice in the kind of messages they receive and which channels they receive them through. 

Source: Image by Freepik

5. Create Email Copy Faster

Getting your email copy done is a big part of being an email marketer, but it can take up lots of time. That's where AI can make a big difference by quickly creating email copy and subject lines. In addition to saving valuable time, AI also helps with A/B testing. This means it can check how different versions of your content perform and make real-time changes to get better results. 

However, remember that AI might not be the best for super personalized emails (it can be great for cold email outreach). The best approach would be to use AI tools as a source for best practices and ideas that show what's working well in various email campaigns.

6. Track Your Metrics and Make Improvements

Monitoring email metrics is crucial for a successful email marketing strategy. While open rates were once a go-to metric, the focus has shifted to more reliable indicators of success. Metrics like click rate, which measures the percentage of recipients clicking on links, and conversion rate, indicating the percentage taking desired actions like making a purchase, offer a clearer picture of engagement. Additionally, keeping an eye on list growth helps understand subscriber trends, whereas ROI remains the ultimate measure of campaign effectiveness. 

Depending on your email marketing goals, these metrics can help you fine-tune your email design, content, and targeting strategies. Presenting and analyzing campaign data effectively is the best way to ensure your efforts align with the current email marketing trends. This will not only help you track your metrics but also make informed improvements to optimize your email marketing efforts. 


Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial to stay on top of email marketing. While it might be tempting to stick to what's always worked, keep in mind that through change, you grow. In 2024, it's all about focusing on what your customers want, personalizing your messages, and adding interactive elements to keep them interested. Remember that AI can help you monitor important metrics and understand your data better. By following these trends and trying out new ideas, businesses can ensure their emails connect with customers and lead to long-term success. 



January 27, 2024
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