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Fixing common Quickbooks errors on Zapier

Fixing common Quickbooks errors on Zapier
February 12, 2020

If you're getting errors while building zaps with Quickbooks, here's how to fix them.

Zapier integrates with Quickbooks, which is great for anyone who wants to build one of the world's most popular accounting zaps into their automations. Generally, it's a robust integration with lots of trigger, search and action steps and generally works well. Occasionally, however, you'll get errors and it's not always obvious what the problems is.

If you're having issues, the first place to check is Zapier's help page for Quickbooks, or contact their support (which is 24/7). Alternatively, you can book a call with us to get help.

In this guide, we're going to summarise some common errors and issues and what you can do about them.

1. "The name supplied already exists. : null"

You'll get this error when using the "Create Customer" action step. It's caused by issues in the 'Full Name' or 'Display Name' fields. First check you've not left that field blank, or wherever you're mapping that field from in your zap hasn't sent through a blank field.

Ruling out these obvious issues, this error sometimes happens if there is a blank space at the end of the value you pass into these fields, and this could be happening for a lot of different reasons.

One quick fix is to add a "Formatter->Text->Trim Whitespace" step, and map the output of that into your Quickbooks step


A "Trim Whitespace" formatter step in Zapier


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