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Fixing missing variables in Zapier (Video)

Fixing missing variables in Zapier (Video)
May 5, 2020

Sometimes a field you want to map in Zapier Editor seems to be missing - luckily it can be fixed.

Have you ever been building a new zap, you test your trigger to pull through some sample data, go to map the fields in an action step - but find one missing.

Perhaps you're triggering on a new order in an ecommerce app. There is an "Address 2" line at the checkout, but the most recent customer left in blank, so when you go to select that variable in Zapier it's nowhere to be found.

One way to solve this is to place a test order yourself, or wait until the next customer that fills out all the fields to pull in another trigger sample. But if that seems arduous, there is an easier way.

In the following video, we show how you can copy Zapier variables field into a text editor, chance their markup and paste them back into the editor to represent the missing variable fields.



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