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Generate a unique dummy email address

Generate a unique dummy email address
June 6, 2020

Zap Template: Generate a unique dummy emails address

Some apps - especially CRMs - require an email address when creating a record, however, there are some situations where you might not have one. Use this zap to generate a random dummy email address to save.

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How to use

This zap uses a "Formatter->Number->Spreadsheet-Style Formula" step to create a random number between 100000 and 999999. This ensures that the output will always be a 6 digit-long string, and is very likely to unique.

Use a Zapier Formatter step to generate a random number.

This can then be combined with something like "@email.com" to give you a dummy email address. You can save this directly to your CRM, but in our example we're sending it to ourselves in an email.

Send an email to someone automatically with Zapier.
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