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Get alerted about new apps on Zapier

Get alerted about new apps on Zapier
June 10, 2020

Zap Template: Get alerted about new apps on Zapier

This template zap will trigger any time Zapier published a new app on the platform. You can then send yourself the details.

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How to use

This zap uses the 'Zapier Manager' app as a trigger. You'll want to select "New Public App" as the event type. You can also select a specific app category if you want to narrow the focus further.

The Zapier Manager app.

When this zap triggers, you'll get back a bunch of data about the app, including its name, app category, a description of what the app does, a link to the app's website and, importantly, a link to the app's integration page on Zapier.

You can then send this information to yourself. In this template, we're using email, but you could also use Slack or SMS.

Send an email in Zapier.
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