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How do you pronounce Zapier?

How do you pronounce Zapier?
September 30, 2020

It's been a debate since it was founded - let's get the answer!

As explained in a tweet from Zapier themselves, the key to correctly saying 'Zapier' is to remember that it rhymes with 'happier'.


What is the origin of the name Zapier?

It doesn't seem quite right without two of the letter p - but hey, it's their name!

Still, when Wade Foster did an AMA on the Zapier Community forum, we made a point to ask.


To quote the answer:

We wanted API in the name since Zapier is built on APIs. We though Zaps were cool too. We found Zapier available for $9.99 and went for it. We couldn't afford Zappier.com at the time either.


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