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How does Asana pricing work?

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Asana is a popular project management tool that offers several pricing options based on the needs and size of your team. Understanding Asana's pricing model can help you select the right plan for your organization and better manage your project management expenses.

Asana Pricing Breakdown

Asana offers a basic package that is free. This option is primarily designed for individuals or small teams getting started with project management. It provides access to tasks, projects, and collaborations with up to 15 team members.

Then, there is Asana Premium, which comes at a cost of $10.99 per user per month. It adds several significant features that are targeted towards larger, more sophisticated teams. With Asana Premium, you get timeline views, dashboards, advanced search & reporting, and custom fields. It also provides unlimited free guests, admin controls, and priority support.

Last but not least is the Asana Business package, costing $24.99 per user per month. This tier is aimed at organizations that require a more complex and holistic approach to project management. It offers everything in the Premium package, plus extra features like portfolio and work management, form branching and customization, proofing, lock custom fields, and much more.

Additional Features and Considerations

Being a user of Asana's premium packages, you can expect countless integrations with your favorite apps. This includes unlimited file storage (100MB per file), versatile mobile apps for iOS and Android, and time tracking with integrations as well.

It becomes even more comprehensive with 100+ integrations, including Jira Cloud & Server Integration, Tableau & Power BI Integrations, and custom Rules including Integrations actions. The Business tier even offers User and Group provisioning & deprovisioning (SCIM) and data Loss prevention (DLP) amongst others.

Keep in mind that the rates mentioned are when you pay annually. Asana also offers a monthly payment structure, but costs are slightly higher in that case. Additionally, you can start with a trial option to understand the features before committing to a paid plan. There are also several Asana alternatives that you can try

In conclusion, when deciding which Asana package to choose, you should consider the size of your team, your budget, and the features necessary for your project management needs. Evaluate these aspects thoroughly so you can make the most out of your investment in Asana.

September 19, 2023
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