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How does Calendly pricing work?

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Managing your business and personal schedule can be very challenging. However, with a tool like Calendly, setting up meetings and appointments becomes a breeze. Calendly offers a fair pricing structure catering to different user needs ranging from basic free plans to extensive enterprise-grade solutions.

Understanding Calendly Pricing Plans

Calendly provides different plans, each with unique features tailored to meet the needs of various users. For starters, the Basic Plan is free and offers fundamental scheduling solutions. It allows you to connect one calendar, create one active event type, set up unlimited meetings and integrate with common platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack. You also receive 24/7 email support and can customize your booking link and page.

For more sophisticated scheduling needs, Calendly offers the Essentials Plan. At $8 per seat per month, this plan allows connection to up to six calendars, creation of unlimited event types, and group events. It also enables email reminders and follow-ups for invitees with live chat support. This is ideal for growing businesses with higher scheduling demands.

For Teams and Businesses: Professional and Teams Plan

For small to medium-sized teams, the Professional Plan is an excellent option. It costs $12 per seat per month and offers greater customization options and reporting. Users can create collective event types, establish automated workflows with custom notifications & reminders, view analytics & insights, and assign group admins. Additionally, the package allows branding customization and connection to Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, Paypal and hundreds more.

For larger teams, Calendly's Teams Plan ($16 per seat per month) is worth considering. In addition to all features offered in the Professional Plan, it includes creating round robin event types, unlocking and syncing managed events across the team, and connecting to Salesforce. This plan is perfect for teams that need to align scheduling processes collaboratively.

The Enterprise Plan: High-end Solutions

The Enterprise Plan is Calendly's top-tier option designed to deliver organization-wide value. Pricing details for the Enterprise Plan require direct contact with Calendly's sales team. This plan promises enterprise admin, security, and IT-oriented features. Users can enable Single Sign-On and advanced user provisioning, ensure compliance with an audit log and data deletion API, claim their domain, use the full suite of Salesforce routing features, and access expedited support, onboarding, and implementation. This is a comprehensive solution for large corporations and enterprises which need extensive scheduling processes.

August 6, 2023
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