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How Does the Dark Web Impact Your Business?

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Explore the hidden depths of the dark web and its negative impact on businesses. Learn which cybersecurity tools can help you avoid data breaches and malware.

More than ever, businesses face numerous challenges in protecting their sensitive information and ensuring the security of their online activities. One of the most significant threats is the dark web, a hidden network of websites that can only be accessed through specialized technologies and web browsers. Businesses must understand the impact of the dark web and how to proactively protect their employees and assets from the risks associated with the server.

Understanding the Dark Web

The dark web is a collection of websites and online platforms intentionally hidden from search engines. The dark web requires specific tools to access its content, which you can’t find through popular search engines like Google and Bing. The anonymity of the dark web has made it linked to illicit activities, including cybercrime, illegal sales, and the exchange of private information.

What is the Tor Browser and How Does it Work?

You may wonder, “What is Tor?”. The Tor browser, short for the Onion Router, is a specialized web browser that allows users to access the dark web anonymously. It works by routing internet traffic through a network of volunteer-operated servers spread across the globe. Each server in the network only knows the previous and next server in the chain, ensuring that the user’s identity and online activities remain concealed.

Users need to install the software and connect to the Tor network to access the dark web using the Tor browser. Using a virtual private network (VPN) along with the Tor browser adds an extra layer of protection for dark web browsing.

Risks Posed by the Dark Web to Businesses

Only 10 percent of web space is considered the surface web. The surface web includes information available through organic searches on Bing, Google, etc. The rest of the web is regarded as the deep web, hidden by passwords, paywalls, and more. The dark web only makes up a small part of the deep web but can potentially create severe and long-term problems for a business.

Dark web risks to businesses include:

  • Stolen data. Cybercriminals may go on the dark web and purchase sensitive data, such as passwords and intellectual property belonging to a company. Stolen data can find its way to illegal dark web marketplaces where it’s sold to the highest bidder. Stolen customer data, such as names and credit card numbers, could also be sold on the dark web.
  • Hacking tools. On the dark web, cybercriminals may advertise and sell their services. For instance, a hacker could sell malware to attack your business software and files.
  • Access to employee information. Criminals can find information on the dark web about company employees, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The data makes staff vulnerable to cyberattacks like phishing scams.  
  • Fake products. Counterfeit products are sold all over the dark web. If the fake items get into the hands of your consumers, it can damage your company’s reputation.

Protecting Businesses Against the Dark Web

Businesses can implement dark web monitoring services. The software scans the dark web to search for stolen company data or information on planned malware attacks. Employees should receive training on the dark web to better understand the risks. For instance, simulated phishing exercises help employees recognize what attacks could look like.

A Few Final Words

In an era of increasing cybercrimes, businesses must stay vigilant to protect their data and online activities. Cyber security tools, including dark web monitoring, and employee training can help you stay proactive against threats to your bu

December 12, 2023
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