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How Get Self Employed uses Zapier in its business

How Get Self Employed uses Zapier in its business
March 9, 2020

Get Self Employed uses Airtable & Zapier to run an automated lead generation business

This post is written by @AndrewJDavison, Luhhu's founder.

Get Self Employed is a side-business I'd been thinking about setting up for a while. After my experience working with language tutors. I knew many people find it very hard to navigate the bureaucracy surrounding self-employment and paying the right taxes as a freelancers. Working with a local expert in Hungary, I decided to set up a lead generation business to refer people to him.

Being a side-hustle, I wanted a system that would require no more than 1 hour per week to manage and no more than 3 hours to setup initially.

When it came to designing and building the website, I used Landen, and the process took about 1 hour, thanks to their pre-built design templates.

Airtable acts as our CRM, and to collect leads, there is an Airtable form on the site and a submission triggers a zap that will create two emails - one to the potential client with the expert CCed in, and another directly to the expert with the lead's details. And, if a they tick a box agreeing to join our mailing list, another zap adds them to Mailerlite.

Create a Gmail + Airtable automation on Zapier.
The zap Get Self Employed uses to process new inquries.


The business has already started making money, so I'm planning to automate things further. I want to build another Airtable form that will allow the local expert to alert us when a referral has been successful and auto-generate an invoice for them. When they pay their referral fee (via Stripe) another zap will mark the invoice paid and record the payment for us in Xero.


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