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How these companies use Zapier for sales automation

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Using Zapier to automate your sales process is a popular use case. We look at some companies doing it.

I use Zapier to send new leads to Podio CRM which immediately notifies me on the phone app as well.  

Seller's have time sensitive needs and thus, I need to know right away when they submit their information to sell a property.  I make it a priority to call them immediately because they typically do not have time to wait.  

I also have Zapier connected to my Facebook Lead Ads and other real estate apps such as Deal Machine. Additionally, some other investors want to buy my deals and I send them to another website to sign up for a cash buyer's email list where Zapier automatically puts them on the list, a task which would otherwise be tedious to do manually.

It was very easy to integrate as Zapier is very user friendly.  It has saved me an immense amount of time having these tasks automated.

Henry Angeli - Owner of Henry Buys Homes

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I continuously ask myself ways to use Zapier to automate tasks that do not need human interaction. For one example, I was referring some of our companies leads to another company from our website. Although it would only take a few seconds to copy and paste our leads over to a spreadsheet to the referral company, and then email them to notify of the new lead, it was still time consuming.

Using Zapier, I can now upload leads to the spreadsheet, and Zapier sends a text message through Twilio and an email through Gmail, to notify the referral company we have sent them a new lead. Sounds so simple but you have to be creative in coming up with ways to make your business processes as easy as possible.

Zapier has been fairly easy to set up, and integrates with most of the applications we use day to day. To top it off, if I have a question their support is second to none! Always quick to respond and eager to help!

Dustin - Owner of Dustin Buys Houses

We run team building events for clients like Apple, Amazon, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, Chipotle and many others.

One of our most successful Zapier use cases is lead qualification and sorting. For this system, our Campaign Monitor form includes fields like "how many guests?" and "what is your event date?". The answers to these questions give us information about the lead, and informs which of our sales reps we should connect them with. The system also posts the leads to Slack, our CRM, and our email platform, which helps keep us organized and synced up for marketing and sales purposes.

Previously, we did manual qualification, and so I would estimate this one zap saves us at least dozens of hours of work per week, and allows our sales team to focus on the clients that most closely match their skills.

Michael Alexis - CEO of TeamBuilding

I’m an author, speaker & founder of the Dream Life™ personal development program.

We have found Zapier to be incredibly useful when combined with Twilio SMS and Facebook Lead Ads.  As a new prospect requests information about one of our businesses, we can then immediately route an SMS notification directly to the corresponding sales person to close the deal. We then use our email service and Zapier to send SMS follow-up messages to the lead, and reminders to the sales agent for the next 30 days.

Our closing rate with Facebook leads immediately increased by over 200% when using Zapier to follow-up via SMS in the first 5 minutes. And, getting setup on Zapier is a breeze with all the predefined templates they have at your disposal.

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Denise Walsh - Founder of Dream Life.
January 4, 2021
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