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How these companies use Zapier to automate team collaboration

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Using Zapier to automate team collaboration is a popular use case. We look at some companies doing it already.

At Leda Health we have been lucky to have many college students willing to work remotely with us, since the job and internship market for this year was overturned due to Covid. Although it was great to have these students, I found it was difficult for them to stay on track and complete the tasks in a timely manner. This is when I decided to set up Zapier, as a way to encourage team collaboration.

Every time a new line was added to the “Submitted” tab for a spreadsheet, Zapier would automatically send out a message to the team saying “great job on submitting this! Let’s get more done!”. Remote work is strange enough, but for college students, they needed a little but more support and acknowledgement of their work in order to make them eager to do more. This was also a way of keeping people accountable.

For example, if the team was supposed to get 20 projects submitted for the week, and only 15 congratulations messages went out on Zapier, then everyone could see how they were not meeting the goal. This was a very clear way to improve productivity, especially in a remote environment. It was very easy to set this up through Zapier and has improved productivity immensely. It saved time by creating a log of how many submissions we got per week as opposed to just counting on the spreadsheet, it made it easier for me to see how they were doing and for the team to see as well.

Madison Campbell - CEO of Leda Health

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We found that Slack is a great place for us to collaborate on brainstorming, especially for our design/creative taglines/copy. The team loves to drop ideas into a shared Slack channel as the creative bug strikes.

However, Slack is not a great place to search or go back and find good ideas. If we know someone had a great piece of copy for a project we were working on, it’s almost impossible to go back in Slack and find it.

So, to keep the ideas and workflow that we love in Slack, but add some organization, we use the Slack to Zapier to Google Sheets integration. The ideas that we come up with in Slack are automatically put into an organized Google Sheet, where we can easily search and find copy that we created months ago. It’s saving us a ton of time finding the output from creative brainstorming. While it clearly saves us time, the more important thing is that it saves us the IDEAS that we brainstorm.

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Healy Jones - Co-Founder of Fin vs Fin
January 4, 2021
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