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How to automate project management

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Good project management is both an art and a science Using automation tools can keep projects running smoothly.

What project management problems can automation solve?

Projects have a habit of getting messy. Automation can help you keep on top of things and deliver faster.

Auto generating regular and repeated tasks

Do you find yourself duplicating the same tasks for new projects week in and week out? Automate it instead.

Supercharging your team collaboration tools

Wherever your team hang out to get work done, automation can help keep things in sync and people motivated.

Onboarding all your new projects

Projects rarely live neatly inside one app. Automation can help make sure data, files and people end up in the right places to get things done.

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What project management apps can be automated?

Using one of the apps listed below? You're in luck - they can be automated. Check out our ideas for what you can automate.


The gold standard for task management. Organise projects and goals, assign teams and track progress with ease.

Available on: Zapier & Integromat


An intuitive online whiteboard that makes it super easy for your team to collaborate and visualise projects.

Available on: Zapier


A highly customisable project management suite for larger teams with complex processes.

Available on: Zapier & Integromat


Simple-to-use time tracking software that allows you to monitor your team's efforts. Better yet, it's completely free for most features.

Available on: Zapier & Integromat

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March 15, 2022
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