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Improve customer satisfaction with Zapier

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Satisfied and loyal customers are the best marketing tools you can have for your business.

Satisfied and loyal customers are the best marketing tools you can have for your business. Researches suggest that 90% of Americans share their customer experience with others and happy customers recommend a brand to 11 more people on average. 

To achieve a good level of customer satisfaction, it is important that your customers do business smoothly for which easy workflows are necessary. Luhhu can help you achieve customer satisfaction for your customers by building amazing workflows with your feedback app, CRMs, Helpdesk, and eCommerce platforms using Zapier.  

Let’s explore some of the integrations that can smoothen your customer feedback process, connect your key teams and equip you with the data to improve customer satisfaction.

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For Customer Service Teams 

Trigger surveys after a support ticket is solved or closed. 

While you’re measuring the number of tickets and the time taken for your customer service team to close tickets, it is also important to know if the Customer was satisfied with the resolution or not. An ideal way to do this is to trigger a CSAT Survey right after a ticket is solved or closed.  

With Zapier, you can create a Zap with any Help desk tool you use like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Groove HQ, HelpScout and connect to your customer feedback tool to send an email survey right after a ticket is updated. This will help you gauge real-time customer feedback and know how well your customer service team is doing.

Add new support tickets for negative feedback

When you get negative feedback, you obviously want the team to take action on it. Studies suggest that 67% of customer churn can be avoided if customers’ issues are solved at first instance. Even if the issues are not completely resolved, 11% of customer churn can still be avoided if negative feedback or complaints are responded timely and properly.

Instead of manually adding tickets and tasks for your team, you can use Zapier to automate this. As soon as you receive low feedback on your online surveys or offline survey, a ticket will automatically be added to your helpdesk. 

Include feedback questions in all customer service team emails

A great way to get feedback for your customer service team and members is to include a CSAT or NPS question right within their emails. When you send an email survey for feedback, there are more chances of your email not getting read or maybe the automatic movement of your email into the spam folders.

But when you send an important communication regarding your interaction with the customers, the customers tend to open it and read it through. You can utilize this opportunity to collect feedback by embedding your feedback survey in the email body at the end. Customers will not only read it but will get promoted to answer the displayed question and ultimately fill the short survey. This helps you gauge feedback at every interaction. 

For sales & marketing teams

Sync your feedback to CRMs

For sales and marketing teams, it is important to know how satisfied the customers are. With powerful integrations, you can sync back your feedback data to your CRM. In this way, your teams will get the customer feedback data in real-time and thus would be able to view the customer insights and satisfaction levels in one place.

This will not only help to work on their feedback, but also make sales and marketing strategies for the future to attract prospective customers which will ultimately help to grow your business.

Trigger surveys

A customer journey comprises various touchpoints and crucial aspects. It is possible for customer feedback to be positive at one point, and negative for the other. So it is always better to collect feedback at every touchpoint rather than just asking for feedback on the overall experience.

With the help of this integration, you can trigger sending of Surveys automatically just after key events like a demo, onboarding, meeting, billing, purchase, or after a few days/weeks of usage. This will help to know in detail about the customer experiences and the factors affecting it in your business so that you can improve on the weak points and strengthen the positive aspects of your business.

Include feedback questions

You can also include feedback questions in your marketing and sales emails. Add CSAT or NPS questions to know the customer happiness and loyalty with their experience with your brand. This will help you know about their likeliness to make repurchases and recommend your brand to others.

With this, you can predict the sales and revenue to be generated in the near future. This information will be useful for you to do effective planning and forecasting for the coming days and eventually help you make better business decisions and grow your business.

For ecommerce

Display popup surveys on the website after purchase 

Website or online surveys are a great way of capturing Customer Feedback from the website users at the moment. With powerful integrations, you can display online surveys on your eCommerce website through pop-ups asking for customer feedback.

Pop-ups are really helpful to prompt your customers to take a survey. You can enable these customer feedback survey popups to appear on the customers’ screens as soon as they make a purchase. In this way, you can easily collect Customer Feedback data to measure customer satisfaction with the purchase experience the customers just had.

Send email surveys for feedback after delivery or use

Powerful integrations will enable you to automate sending of email surveys to the customers just after the delivery of products. These surveys will help you to know the delivery experience of the customers and the aspects like the condition of the products received, the behavior of the delivery staff and waiting time for the delivery.

You can also automate sending of these surveys with a time lag of some hours or some days of the delivery of products so that your customers get enough time to use your products and check their performance. This will help you to know whether your products and their experience provided lives up to their expectations or not.

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July 5, 2021
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