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How nocode tools Make (Integromat) + Glide helped a healthcare business save time and money

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Valcourt Behavioral needed help generating daily reports from CSV files. Make (Integromat) was the tool that got it done.

This is a guest post by LowCode Agency who we've worked with on a number of projects.

We’re 100% focused on building Glide apps for our customers. While we have the occasional huge client (Medtronic and American Express, just to name a couple), our ideal and typical client is a small and medium-sized business that has a process that is done manually, or without the appropriate level of automation.

Recently, we had the chance to work with Valcourt Behavioral, a Miami-based healthcare clinic, developing for them a custom app to fix a very important need; managing insurance claims with the insurance companies. The software they use to manage the clinic has doctors and patients in mind, but doesn’t have a process or module where a clinic can keep track of all the insurance claims, which are 95% of their cases.

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The problem - a business run from a spreadsheet

That means that the clinic had to manage everything in a spreadsheet with patient names, billing information, insurance company name, payment and co-payment information, etc. The spreadsheet, which all the company has access to, was prone to errors, since anyone could edit pretty much anything. On top of that, different areas could see and edit data that didn’t correspond to them. 

The constant amount or errors, data deleted and lack of proper reports made them get in touch with us in order to develop a tailor made solution to run their clinic better. We did this by combining the Glide with the power of another nocode tool - Integromat.

Using Integromat to process CSV files

A very important part was that the daily report was generated in a very niche software they use to run their clinic. As close partners of Luhhu, we reached out to them to develop a specific automation workflow that imports a daily report into the back end of the app we developed.

This way, the client just adds a CSV into a specific folder, and we do the rest. Integromat parses that CSV file and places its rows into a Google Sheet, which in turn feeds into the Glide app we built. All the client needs to do is log into the app every day, and they'll find fresh data ready to be updated and worked with. 

The results

  • Each team sees and edits the data that corresponds to their department.
  • It’s pretty much impossible to make mistakes. Date fields behave like date fields, so there’s no more errors in the time & data fields.
  • The different departments have different tabs, so even though they all see the same data, each can use their appropriate filters to work faster.
  • The company is saving 1-2 hours per day.
  • Management can generate reports quickly and without errors.

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Jesus Vargas is the founder of LowCode Agency and loves helping businesses save time and streamline their operations. He is a Glideapps Certified Expert and has built over 180 apps.
December 14, 2020
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