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Is Zapier safe for businesses to use?

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When it comes to using a tool like Zapier, there are always some who question whether or not it is safe for their business

These are particularly important, considering that they'll be handling your sensitive company data.

This article will address some of the frequently asked questions and provide answers from the people that know best - Zapier themselves.

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How does Zapier handle data security?

The security of your account and the data you upload is a big priority for Zapier. All connections app connections are encrypted with SSL, so only authorized users can view any information that’s stored in your account.

They also have a team dedicated to detecting security breaches 24/7/365 and regularly audit their systems for weaknesses.

More specifically:

  • Zapier encrypts all your connected app credentials.
  • Zapier does not touch your connected accounts or its data in any way not connected to running the zaps you create.
  • API request data is stored for 7 days in case of the need to troubleshoot Afterwards, the information is deleted from Zapier servers.
  • User-facing zap history (the logs you're able to view inside Zapier) is stored for three months at most, and usually only for 14 days.

Does Zapier have a privacy policy?

Yes it does, and it regularly updates it to remain compliant with various laws, like CCPA and cookie regulations.

You can read it here.

Is Zapier GDPR compliant?

Zapier securely processes and stores your data in accordance with the GDPR. This article covers how Zapier updated its processing practices to comply with this new legislation, as well as what you need to know as a user or partner of Zapier.

Is Zapier HIPAA compliant?

Zapier is not HIPAA compliant, and cannot provide guidance on how it may or may not comply with your needs.

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May 12, 2021
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