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Logistics Automation: Easy Ways To Automate Manual Processes

32% of logistics businesses still rely on manual steps for over 50% of their processes. By automating manual processes, warehouse operations can be made much more efficient. Logistics automation essentially involves using software or automated machinery to streamline daily activities, with the aim of eliminating repetitive manual tasks, such as, data entry, inventory management, and packing. In turn, your business can enjoy greater flexibility and scalability.

Paperless invoices

Logistics involves handling numerous paper and email documents on a daily basis. By going digital, your business can save time and improve efficiency. Automated invoice data capture, in particular, eliminates the need to manually enter invoice details. It sifts through these details and automatically scans invoices into digital copies. For instance, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software can recognize hand printed text on physical documents, and convert it into machine print, while Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is only compatible with printed text (although it’s a more affordable option). Automated invoice data capture boosts data transparency, minimizes risk of human error, and improves efficiency – therefore resulting in cost savings.

Autonomous mobile robots

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are playing a key role in warehouse automation; they’re essentially robots with the ability to understand and navigate their environment without human supervision, or restricted to a predetermined route. So, for example, AMRs can deliver stock to the right pick stations, therefore minimizing the need for expensive and time-consuming operator movements. They use cutting-edge visual sensors, which ensure a high degree of placement accuracy, as well as infrared obstacle avoidance to avoid collisions. AMRs are also programmed to use charging stations when needed, so they never run out of battery. When this happens, an alternate AMR with a full battery fills the place.  

Automated packaging systems

Automated packaging systems can automatically produce custom packaging tailored to the specific size and weight of each order. For example, the CVP Impact is an automated packaging solution able to measure and pack parcels as needed, as well as tape, label, and weigh them. It also uses 3D scanning technology to minimize box volume, so packages are made no larger than needed. In turn, you can enjoy lower shipping costs.

Logistics automation is the solution to soaring e-commerce volumes. Paperless invoices, autonomous mobile robots, and automated packaging systems, in particular, are key to providing your business with greater efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

March 17, 2023
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