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New apps on Integromat Mar 2021

New apps on Integromat Mar 2021
March 7, 2021

Every month, we look at all the new apps added to Integromat.


Description: With Snovio you can find emails, verify them and run your email campaigns within minutes.

Website: www.snov.io 

Integration: Snov.io/



Description: Thanks.io allows you to easily send postcards & letters to your contacts. Full color custom image on one side, and your computer handwritten message on the address/postage side.

Website: www.thanks.io 

Integration: Thanks.io/



Description: The My Calendar Alerts® app is not itself a calendar, but extends the functionality of all your existing calendars. 

Website: www.mycalendaralerts.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/mycalendaralerts/



Description: SharpSpring marketing automation helps marketers drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize marketing ROI. 

Website: www.sharpspring.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/sharpspring/



Description: LiquidPlanner is a smarter project management software that uses intelligent scheduling technology to help teams do their best work. 

Website: www.liquidplanner.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/liquidplanner/



Description: Textit is a digital platform that enables organizations to deliver and receive messages from targeted recipients through SMS. Visually build multichannel messaging bots and launch them anywhere in the world.

Website: www.textit.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/textit/


PHP Point of Sale

Description: PHP POS is a hybrid point of sale (POS) solution that helps small and startup retail businesses across various industries to manage their day to day business. 

Website: www.phppointofsale.com 

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/php-point-of-sale/



Description: dotdigital's all-in-one platform lets you create marketing automations to engage your contacts with email, SMS, social, push notifications, and landing pages to get customers fast.

Website: www.dotdigital.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/dotdigital/



Description: BambooHR is designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind. We set you free to focus on what matters most - your people.

Website: www.bamboohr.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/bamboohr/


Clio Manage

Description: Manage and grow your law practice easily with Clio, the most trusted legal software in the world.

Website: www.clio.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/clio-manage/



Description: Adalo makes creating apps as easy as putting together a slide deck. Turn your idea into a real native app — no code needed!

Website: www.adalo.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/adalo/


IPEX Helpdesk

Description: Creates a new anonymous ticket. If the user's email is not registered, the new user account will be created if the ticketing is configured so.

Website: www.ipex.cz 

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/ipex-helpdesk/



Description: Chatforma is messenger marketing platform that lets you build chatbots and automated messenger sales with no coding.

Website: www.chatforma.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/chatforma/



Description: With the Power of Miro, you can visually collaborate any time anywhere across your company.

Website: www.miro.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/miro/



Description: Wappalyzer is a browser extension that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics tools and many more.

Website: www.wappalyzer.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/wappalyzer/



Description: Automatically track what you're watching. Find where to watch TV & movies and discover what's hot.

Website: www.trakt.tv

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/trakt-tv/



Description: Gigrove provides e-commerce infrastructure for the gig economy through online shops and e-commerce tools that make it easy to sell your professional products and services

Website: www.igrove.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/gigrove/



Description: Seliom lets you digitize and automate business processes so that your team can operate more efficiently and collaborate better.

Website: www.seliom.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/seliom/



Description: Kaleyra is a global communications solutions provider that offers an extensive range of telecommunication services for banks, retail and e-commerce companies.

Website: www.kaleyra.com

Integration: https://www.integromat.com/en/integrations/kaleyra/



Description: APITemplate.io allows you to auto-generate images and PDF documents with a simple API or Zapier #nocode.

Website: www.apitemplate.io

Integration: APITemplate.io/

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