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All Things Automation Newsletter (Sep 22)

 All Things Automation Newsletter (Sep 22)
September 22, 2020

All the latest news, resources and tutorials for Zapier & Integromat

The latest from Zapier

- In this advanced Zapier tutorial, you'll learn how to use filtering to generate the perfect Spotify playlist through automation. Great for when you want something new to listen to, whether deep in your work or working out.

- Is Gmail your mailbox of choice? Well today, that choice just got easier. You can now expand your Gmail toolkit with a Zapier add-on. This feature allows you to use Zapier directly from Gmail whenever you need.

- Ever wondered why some Zapier apps can’t be used on the free plan? In this post, we explain the ins and outs of Zapier's premium apps.

- In these emails, we try to cover as many new apps that come to Zapier as possible. However, there simply isn't enough time to bring you every new app in Zapier. If only there was a way to automate a solution...

- Learn about how Coursera use Zapier to save themselves 2,000+ hours of data entry. See the zaps they built and how they went about planning them.

The latest from Integromat

- Whether you're a web developer or site manager, you've probably been looking to add webhooks to your website. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to create webhooks easily in Integromat — plus how to find examples to build your own ideas with.

- Braintree users can rejoice! Now one of the best tools for PayPal is also one of the best tools on Integromat. Braintree has been added to Integromat with plenty of features to use in your automations.

- Chatbots are one of the most useful features to add to a website, especially when you're in a work-from-home environment. In this video, you'll learn how to create your own simple chatbot in Integromat.

- Do you happen to use Wix to run your e-commerce site? Well, you can now automate your store using Integromat!

- Being able to add the senders of incoming emails to your CRM is a compelling automation use case. But if you don't want to end up with a CRM full of junk senders then you'll need to use filters - this tutorial will show you how to do that with Integrtomat.

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