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Remove items from a list

Remove items from a list
June 6, 2020

Zap Template: Remove items from a list

What if you've got a list of 4 items, and you always want to remove say the third one. Use this zap to do that.

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How to use

Given an incoming list of items, in this case separated by a comma, we first use a 'Formatter->Text->Split' step to break it up. Importantly, we return all parts as separate fields. If your list is separated by something other than comma, you can adjust the zap accordingly.

Split text into parts using a Zapier Formatter step.

Each word will then come back as its own field.

A Zapier Formatter step can split text into pieces.

In the next step, we then use a 'Formatter->Text->Replace' step to remove one of the words. We do that by finding one of the words, and replace it with nothing. In effect - removing it.

Use a Zapier Formatter step to replace words and phrases in a string.

Finally, the output will have a duplicate comma we need to remove. We do that with another 'Formatter->Text->Replace' step, finding the ,, and replacing with ,

Use a Zapier Formatter step to replace words and phrases in a string.

The output is our original string with the word removed.

The output of a Zapier Formatter Replace step.

If you need further help setting this up, check out this video:

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