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SaaS Money is a powered by Zapier - here's how

SaaS Money is a powered by Zapier - here's how
March 8, 2020

SaaS Money is a directory site of SaaS affiliate schemes that uses Zapier to manage its listings.

This post is written by @AndrewJDavison, Luhhu's founder.

UPDATE May 2020: SaaS Money has now shut down.

I've always been a fan of making passive income via affiliate schemes, and through my research, I came to find that SaaS apps have some of the most generous schemes available, often giving between 10-25 of customer revenue over a 1-2 year period - and some even payout over the entirety of the customer lifespan.

Expecting to find a directory listing these schemes, my search came up short and I resorted to getting a list of the most popular 100 SaaS apps and checking their websites manually.

I figured a directory of the best schemes and a way to filter by variables would be quite useful for other tech bloggers, so I decided to build something. Like my other side projects, I wanted something I could set and forget in just a couple of hours.

SaaS Money was created using an ingenious tool called Table2Site. It's a site builder that lets you create websites using Airtable as a CMS. New records in Airtable become new listings on the website - very simple!

Create an Airtable automation on Zapier.
A simple, but useful zap that powers new listings on SaaS Money

With some fiddling I'd worked code snippets into the Airtable records to make them look nice live. Because of this I created a zap that would take entered data on a much simpler Airtable and wrap the required code snippets around it before creating a new recording on the master Airtable that powers the site. The beauty of Table2Site is that new entries appear on the site instantly, meaning no extra work needed from me.

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