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Technical SEO For Your Website — Why Is It Crucial?

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Having your website ranked in the first Google page is the aim of any site owner, and usually, there’s a lot to do before you finally see your domain in the top 10.

Relevant search engine optimization techniques are what you want to pursue if you’re not planning to invest in advertising. 

However, alongside the adequately optimized content, the technical part of your website is no less essential. Let’s learn why you need a thorough technical SEO for your website and how to achieve it.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a process of website optimization for proper crawling and indexing. Technical SEO is for Google to interpret and access your website without any issues. 

While classical SEO focuses on the content, technical SEO focuses on all the odds and ends of your website’s architecture and the underlying code. 

As a case in point, these are the key focal points of the technical SEO:

  • Decent speed of the website
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • The appearance of XML Sitemap and Robots.txt
  • Clean and descriptive URLs
  • HTTPS and your website’s code security 
  • Structured data markup and so on

These factors in complex make great technical SEO and help your website thrive. However, it’s not always easy to manually identify whether your website has a breach in some of these aspects. In that case, SEO software for agencies can help you identify and fix technical SEO issues quickly and easily. By using SEO software for agencies, you can ensure that your website's technical SEO is always on point, so you can focus on other aspects of your SEO strategy.

What is the importance of technical SEO?

As much as the overall SEO, technical SEO is required to rank up in Google, gather the desired amount of organic traffic, and at least make your website crawlable. 

Without technical SEO you might risk your other website optimization efforts running less effectively. There are more drawbacks of an improper technical SEO, such as:

  • Poor security levels for your website and visitors
  • Decreased traffic and low-ranking
  • Penalties from Google
  • Inaccessible content on the website and so forth

Namely, your website doesn’t want an improper technical SEO. 

5 benefits a proper technical SEO gives your website

You know what technical SEO is and understand the drawbacks of neglecting it on your website.  If these difficulties make you think that you should avoid technical SEO at all for the good, hold on. 

Here are the five benefits of having an impeccable technical SEO, besides the high chances of accomplishing the highest Google ranking.

Inclined page-crawling and indexability

Technical SEO ensures that search engines like Google can easily crawl and index your site. By making your website more accessible to Google bots, you grow the chances of your website’s content appearing in search results. This way, you efficiently attract organic traffic. Moreover, an SEO Perth agency should integrate technical SEO with local optimization to boost your website's presence and efficiently drive local organic traffic.

Enhanced Core Web Vitals for SEO

Core Web Vitals is a complex of Google’s most significant factors that a webpage should have to ensure an impeccable user experience. Here are the key them:

  • First Input Delay (FID) — estimates the response time for the interactive elements after the user communicates with them.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) — estimates the loading of your page’s content, quantifying how long it takes for the largest element to get visible.

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) — estimates the visual stability of your page by measuring unplanned layout issues or shifts during the page-loading process.

Core Web Vitals affect your ranking in search rankings and therefore is essential both for your users and your SEO. 

Accurate analytics and user-behavior insights

Understanding the behavior of your website’s users allows for money-making insights. A proper technical SEO assists in tracking the website’s performance and interaction, helping you tailor further strategies that will go in alignment with your targeted user’s preferences.

Better user experience

You will attract more visitors and create a better image of your business if your website loads fast. According to the survey by Digital.com, an average shopper expects an e-commerce website to load in 3 seconds top. 

The same survey illustrates that 45% of customers leave a negative impression when your business’ website doesn’t load fast.

The loading speed of your website, mobile optimization, and overall user experience all rely on your technical SEO and its quality. 

Efficient international and local targeting

Technical SEO makes your website powerful, able to encompass numerous regions, and provide a personalized experience to every user. 30% of all mobile searches are related to the user’s location, according to Think With Google statistics. 

If your business is multinational, the right tags and proper localization will ensure that your website is accessed by the targeted users in their relevant language. 

Additionally, integrating residential proxies into your technical SEO strategy can provide significant advantages. By utilizing them, you ensure unbiased monitoring results, obtain geo-specific data for accurate analysis of different markets, and enhance information retrieval speed with concurrent connections. These proxies help disguise your identity, allowing you to gather SERP data effectively while staying compliant with search engine regulations.

How to get your technical SEO improved?

If you already have a website that needs technical SEO to be improved, a professional SEO tool will come in handy, pinpointing and listing all errors and URLs where improvements should be made.

There are also general techniques that will considerably enhance the technical SEO of your website, increasing your traffic and making your domain shine bright in the SERP. 

Let’s view some pieces of advice on how to improve your technical SEO.

Speed-up your website

You’re now aware that website speed optimization is indispensable for great rankings. Here are some tips you may follow to increase the load of your pages and elements:

  • Use a Content Delivery Network. CDN can store cached versions of your site on servers worldwide, reducing the loading of your pages for visitors.

  • Compress images. Less volumetric images will ensure a faster load of the pages. Numerous tools are available online that will compress the size of your images for free, without sacrificing the quality. 

  • Minimize redundant CCS and JavaScript. Clean up the fragments of unnecessary code to avoid extra processing that may sacrifice the speed of your site.

Adapt to mobile

If you don’t have an application, make sure that your website opens correctly on all devices. You can use Google Mobile-Friendly Test, which will show whether your website goes in alignment with the standards.

Improve URL structure

A proper URL has to be user-friendly and contain the keywords relevant to what your website does. The URL has to be all clear to the potential users and the search engines. Follow the simple tips:

  • Keep it short and use your primary keyword for the URL
  • Clear URL Parameters
  • Use hyphens for words separation 
  • Remove the www. prefix
  • Use the HTTPS protocol 

Follow the usual URL structure and ensure that your domain name looks trustworthy.

Remove duplicate content

Avoiding duplicate content in SEO is a must when it comes to ranking. Duplicates “confuse” the search engine, diminishing the chances for your website to appear in the search query. Besides, it opens a potential for Google penalties. 

The canonical tags will help you point the search engine to the original content, helping it understand what content is relevant and should appear in the search results first.

Fix broken links 

It’s vital to regularly check for broken links and 404 errors. Search engines dislike broken links and may count your website as poorly maintained. This will thwart crawling and ranking. 

You can manually pinpoint the broken links or use a professional SEO ware. Alternatively, you should use the 301 redirects to guide both the user and the search engine to the new location of the referred content. In this stage, having a toxic links detector from WebCEO can be a lifesaver, aiding in the removal of harmful links to ensure a healthier website and maintain search engine trust.

Conduct regular audits

Your website requires regular monitoring for broken links, security issues, duplicate content, and other troubles that may foil your ranking. However, it’s nearly impossible to conduct all manually. 

Relying on the website audit feature in an advanced SEO tool will allow you to efficiently troubleshoot all technical issues on your website. Some tools help you reveal the location of the problem and even give you professional tips for improvements.

The periodical website technical SEO audit will ensure that you keep your organic traffic and your ranking position high, safe, and sound.

To sum up

To conclude, healthy technical SEO is the #1 priority for your website to get ranked, drive organic traffic, and thrive. 

The most common technical SEO mistakes that thwart indexability and, therefore, appearance in the search results.

Keeping your website SEO-compliant includes the elimination of duplicated content, high page loading speed, multi-platform availability of your website, clear URL, safe HTTP connection, and the absence of broken links.

To ensure great technical SEO for your website without spending an eternity pinpointing the roots of the problems manually, you can always resort to technical SEO audit tools. 

The advanced software will help you hunt the issues in a minute, advocating the best fixing options. 

Now, give your website the audit it deserves and get rid of all technical issues that keep your domain from the top position in Google.

September 21, 2023
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