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The Sales Automation Process in 2023 – What You Should Know

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Sales managers today work particularly hard to maintain high performance and keep their companies competitive in the marketplace. Performing time-consuming and often repeated tasks is what is being translated into automation.

If processes are not automated, then the company begins to lose its position, as competitors massively use such IT tools. Where others are freeing human labor for more creative tasks, a company that does not use automation solutions wastes this invaluable resource. As a result, her KPIs sag. What should be done to prevent this from happening? More on this later.

Why you should think about process automation

There are many software solutions offered on the market of IT products for automation. They enable:

  • increase the number of clients by working with a large number of people without losing the quality of this work;
  • saving time for employees, the ability to use this time to develop strategic solutions for scaling the company;
  • the ability to better structure information about customers so that the data necessary for work is always at hand;
  • market analytics over a short period of time due to the fact that such IT solutions quickly process large amounts of information;
  • reducing the error rate when performing tasks that are often repeated.

Let's stop at the last point. When a person works for a long time on the same type of tasks that are laborious, he gets tired and loses his attention. As a result, such an employee is prone to making mistakes. This does not indicate a loss of competence but indicates that the person is overworked, and some of the processes in the company were not automated in a timely manner. It's time to correct this defect.

In the list you see above, you can see that there are IT tools for a variety of tasks. Their correct selection and application will help to systematically optimize the business. In 2023, the sales automation process for B2B SEO agencies has also undergone significant advancements and changes, driven by technological innovations and shifts in buyer behavior.  Let's talk further about how to choose such tools.

Expediency or trend

The use of tools for automating business processes is a current trend. Especially when it comes to IT solutions based on artificial intelligence. Managers and owners of many companies are afraid to fall behind the market. As a result, many of them begin to implement everything they have just heard about in the work of their enterprises. To prevent this from happening, you should first conduct a small study of the IT automation tools available on the market, and then discuss this issue in a team. It may turn out that the real needs of the team are different from how the leader sees them. And even then, select the automation methods that your company needs specifically.

Another option is to study information about what other successful enterprises use for this purpose. Perhaps not all such information can be found in the public domain, but you will find something that will give a general idea of the vector of development in this direction. Do not try to keep up with all the trends, this is unrealistic. Apply at work what will help you, based on real priorities.

Are there universal tools

The answer to this question is positive. In addition to specialized IT solutions, there are some general tools that most businesses will find useful. The first of these is the CRM system. It is designed to optimize customer relationships and work effectively within a team.

A large amount of data is stored in such a system. Their orderliness and systematization allow them not to plunge into chaos on the way of the company's development.

The next tool we'll look at is Cold email. This IT solution makes it possible to automate email distribution. Previously, when such a mailing was only gaining popularity, the problem with using it was that there was no personalization. In practice, such letters looked like spam, because no one even addressed the potential client by name. Everything has changed today. There are quite powerful IT tools that can be used to make mailings not only automated but also personalized. This removes the barrier of distrust and increases reader loyalty. The main thing is to think carefully about the subject of the letter, its structure, and its content. When the people responsible for such content do a good job, the programs will take care of everything else.

Despite the fact that chatbots have been used for many years, this tool does not lose its relevance. Common client questions that do not require the participation of a live consultant can be answered by the program. This will not only relieve your employees but also protect them from workplace burnout. When people regularly answer the same type of questions, they lose motivation and efficiency. This leads to gradual burnout, as employees become overworked, and do not feel the importance of their work and the diversity in it. If you're not using chatbots yet, now is the time to think about it.

One commonly neglected business tool is SMS (text messages). You can use SMS within IT and also for sale messages. Since people constantly use their phones, it’s an effective way to make sure people actually see your notifications.

The next IT tools we'll look at are video meeting automation software. The most popular option is Calendly. You can also use online collaborative tools to engage people better in long meeting, for example: a Live Word Cloud

And finally, consider the automation of such an option as inventory management. Not all companies need this, but for a commodity business, such a tool is very useful. Its tasks:

  • tracking information about the stocks that are in the warehouses of the company;
  • demand analytics.

By using inventory-tracking software, you keep your business from running out of stock at the peak of its demand. Not all customers have the time to wait an extra few days while you order a new batch from the supplier. Take care of such processes in advance, so as not to buy a lot of unclaimed goods and not face a shortage of in-demand.


Automation of the sales process is not just a trend, but a necessity. This will help IT solutions for planning, communication with customers using chatbots, stock tracking, and personalized mailing. Get to know the automation tools that the market offers. In each segment of such IT products, you can find something useful.

August 14, 2023
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