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TransferWise Zapier Integration

TransferWise Zapier Integration
February 8, 2020

We built a TransferWise integration for Zapier. Add it to your account to start building zaps.

TransferWise is a fantastic tool that allows your to transfer and receive money from abroad without the massive fees that banks usually charge. You can also get a debit card and local bank details in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD and PLN for yourself and/or your business allowing you setup direct debits and pay and get paid like a local.

To get the access click the link below. Access is totally free and unrestricted.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a custom integration that we built for a client and/or internal use - we’re making the invite link available free for anyone that wants to use it in their own zaps. We offer this integration on an as-is basis, and can't guarantee it is bug free.

Keep in mind Zapier doesn’t offer support on privately made integrations like this and Transferwise won't offer support either. If you do have problems, please email info@luhhu.com . We're happy to offer basic support to all, and can arrange more advanced support, as well as development and customisation options for paying clients. Email us to discuss details.

Our TransferWise Zapier integration has the following options:


1. 'Get balance'

Returns the current balance of a selected Borderless account.

2. 'Create a quote'

Here you create a quote by inputting the amount you want to send/be received and the currency pair. TransferWise will return a quote ID and the transfer amount required (as well as detailing the fee).

3. 'Create a recipient account'

You need to create a recipient for each transfer. If a recipient with the same details already exists, TransferWise will return that record. The integration currently supports creating recipients for  GBP, USD, EUR, and a range of other European/western currencies. Transferwise will return a recipient ID.

4. 'Create a transfer'

To create the transfer you'll need the quote ID and recipient ID from the previous steps. TransferWise will return a transfer ID. And, if you login to TransferWise you'll see a pending transfer on your Activity page in a "Waiting to pay" state.

5. 'Fund a transfer

You'll need to provide the transfer ID from the previous step. Right now, it's only possible to fund a transfer from a Borderless balance of the same currency.

Click here to add the TransferWise integration to your Zapier account.

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