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Trigger a zap only on alternate weeks

Trigger a zap only on alternate weeks
May 27, 2020

Zap Template: Trigger a zap only on alternate weeks

You can create a zap to trigger weekly, but use this template if you only want the zap to run alternate weeks. It uses a stored value to remember whether each week is a send or not send week.

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How to use

First, create a zap that triggers every week. Then you need to add a'Zapier Storage' step to get or set a value. The key will be 'send' and the value will alternate between 'yes' and 'no'.

Save a piece of data using Zapier Storage

In the next step, we'll use a 'Formatter->Utilities->Lookup Table' step to switch the value to the opposite.

Select an item from a list using a Zapier lookup table.

And then, we'll update the stored value to the reflect the new value.

You can store values in Zapier using their Storage step.

Next, we add a filter step that compares the initial value from step 2 (not the newly stored value) and only continues if it was 'yes'.

Create a filter step in Zapier to control your zaps.

After that, we can add any steps needed for the rest of them zap. When the zap runs again the next week, the value compared at the filter step will read 'no', so the zap will stop.

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