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Trigger zaps with your mobile device and an RFID chip

Trigger zaps with your mobile device and an RFID chip
February 19, 2020

TAP have just launched their Zapier integration which allows you to trigger zaps with the tap of your phone

TAP, who's app lets you "track and manage your people, places and products have just released their Zapier integration. The concept is simple. Your order some RFID chips, pair them with you phone via TAP's iPhone or Android app the stick your chips on things or in places you want to track. You can then build zaps that trigger instantly when you touch your phone to the chip.

TAP suggest some interesting use cases - all orientated around event management - including:

  • Tracking flight cases or tour kit for reliable inventory management.
  • Attaching to staff lanyards to track location an activity.
  • Track access/entry to specific rooms and locations.
  • Measure attendance numbers at events.

Another interesting area to explore is using RFID-triggered zaps with the growing number of 'smart home' and IoT devices on the market today. It's easy to imagine switching on multiple devices as you enter a room just by tapping you phone on a conveniently placed RFID chip.

Does Zapier integrate with any/many smart home devices? Well, sadly not really. Your only real option at the moment would to switch your lights on and off with Philips Hue.

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