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Creating a looping Zapier automation (Video)

Creating a looping Zapier automation (Video)
February 18, 2020

When it comes to finding and actioning on multiple rows of a Google Sheet, building a zap that loops on itself via webhooks is the easiest way.

Picture the scenario. You have webshop set up and new orders get added to a Google Sheet with a status of "Pending". You send out new orders every morning at 9am sharp and you'd like the zap to find all rows marked and "Pending", change this to "Dispatched" and then send an email to the customer to let them know.

Zapier's Google Sheets integration has a "Lookup Spreadsheet Row" search step - however this will only find the first row matching a search criteria - so no good here.

There's also a "Find Many Spreadsheet Rows (With Line Item Support)" search step. Apart from being limited to finding a maximum of 10 rows, as Zapier doesn't support iterating over multiple pieces of data, this doesn't help us either.

Luckily, using webhooks, it's possibly to create a zap that will run, and then trigger itself to run again - repeatedly - allowing us to build a process that can find an action on a variable number of Google Sheet's rows matching a search criteria.

This video guide will show you how:



We've also posted this over on Medium. Enjoy!

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