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What can you do with n8n?

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n8n is an incredible workflow automation tool that allows you to engage with different applications with just a few clicks. With a visual design, this open-source tool has made automation a cakewalk for everyone. Below, we'll see what we can do with n8n in detail.

Building Customized Workflows

One of the most potent features of n8n is that it allows users to create customized workflows. These are series of tasks that are performed sequentially or in parallel, triggered by certain events. The workflows could range from a simple task such as sending an automated email to a complex task of integrating multiple apps and processing data.

n8n comes equipped with more than 200 nodes that you can use for your workflows, including nodes for most popular web services like Gmail, Slack, Trello, etc. This makes the process of creating workflows even easier and the possibilities of what can be achieved are nearly endless.

Integration of Various Apps

Another significant feature of n8n is its ability to integrate with a myriad of applications. This includes but is not limited to email services, cloud-based services, productivity tools, project management software, and more. n8n serves as an adaptable layer that helps connect these varied services to run your processes systematically in the background.

For instance, you could create a workflow that fetches data from your Google Sheets, filters this data based on certain criteria, and feeds the refined data into your CRM or email marketing tool. This saves users an immense amount of time as manual data transfer between applications is no longer needed.

Self-hosted Solution

Last but not least, n8n is a self-hosted solution. This means that all your data stays with you and you have full control over its privacy and security. This is an important aspect for any business that manages sensitive information and wants to ensure that their data isn't unnecessarily shared with third parties.

n8n being self-hosted also brings the flexibility of working with the tool. You can venture out with the tool, experimenting and building features that cater to your specific needs without any restrictions. All in all, it helps you retain ownership of your automation process, end-to-end.

July 28, 2023
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