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What is Push by Zapier? An easy way to trigger zaps

What is Push by Zapier? An easy way to trigger zaps
August 29, 2020

Push by Zapier is one of their built-in apps and let's you trigger zaps from your browser

If you've ever wanted to be able to trigger a zap just by clicking a button, then Push by Zapier is your answer. Installed as a Chrome extension, it gives your a dashboard of sorts, from which you can run your zaps.

How to install Push by Zapier

Zapier has created a handy guide to talk you through it, but essentially you first need to install the Chrome extension.

Once installed, you just need to create a zap as normal and select "Push by Zapier" as the trigger step:

Configure a zap with a Push trigger.

You can select "New Push" or "New Push With Fields" as the event type. The first just triggers the zap as soon as the button is clicked, the second lets you send data fields to your zap via text fields on the Push button.

With the zap built, when you want to trigger your zap, you can do that via the Chrome extension your installed:

Building a zapier with Push by Zapier

In the video below, we walk through creating a zap with Push by Zapier. In our example, you push the button, input a name and email address and a new subscriber is added to Mailerlite.

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