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When you should start working with a Zapier expert

When you should start working with a Zapier expert
September 18, 2020

If you're serious about using Zapier to improve the productivity of you business, it might be a good idea to hire a Zapier expert.

Luhhu is part of Zapier's certified expert program and since we started in 2018, we've helped hundreds of businesses automate their processes. If you're weighing up whether it's time to hire a Zapier agency or freelance consultant - these are some factors to consider.

You’re getting errors you don’t understand

Every so often you'll be hit with errors in Zapier. Sometimes they happen when you're building a zap, other times you'll get an email telling you something went wrong when your zap ran live.

Zapier does its very best to give you enough detail about an error when one happens for you to make a DIY attempt at fixing things. However, sometimes you're just left confused. Zapier doesn't do phone support, but it does have a great team available by email 24/7.

Alternatively, if you find yourself constantly battling errors in your zaps, consider working with a Zapier expert. They know their way around the platform and have probably seen most problems before - and know how to fix them!

Zapier is costing you too much money

Zapier's pricing is based, primarily, on the number of tasks you use each month. That means that any zaps you build need to be as efficient as possible. For simple zaps, this is usually easy - but add in the need for filtering, formatting and any conditional logic and your Zapier costs can start to spiral.

Working with a Zapier expert, they'll be able to understand your desired outcome and design your zaps accordingly - using as few steps as possible.

You don’t know what processes to automate

When you first discovered Zapier, you were probably overwhelmed with the possibilities. With over 2,500 apps connected to Zapier - there is a good chance that includes most, if not all the apps your business uses.

Picking where to start can be tough. But, working with a Zapier expert, they will be able to help you identify the parts and processes within your business that are using using up the most time and plan how to automate those with Zapier. It's unlikely you'll be able to - or even want to - automate everything in one go, so an expert can also help you with a phased approach.

The apps you use don’t integrate with Zapier

Not every app is on Zapier, particularly ones that cover more niche use cases, or are targeted at non-US customers. However, if you find this is the case with one of the apps you want to automate, this doesn't mean it's not possible.

If the app you're using has something called an API, then there are several ways to connect it to Zapier, including creating a custom integration for it. You can also use email parsing to get data from apps. A Zapier expert will be able to work out the best approach and make it happen.

You haven’t got time to learn Zapier

Zapier has certainly invested a lot of time and energy into making their platform easy to get into. From smart prompts within the zap editor to extensive help documentation, you can certainly start automating stuff within just a couple of hours of starting.

That said, time is precious for many businesses, and to really unlock the power of Zapier you need some time spent experimenting and learning. Experts have spent that time, and working with one lets you move forward quickly.

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