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Zap switched off alert

Zap switched off alert
April 21, 2020

Zap Template: Zap switched off alert

Sometimes zaps switch off due to errors. Or maybe you switch a zap off by accident and don't notice. Either way, it can be disruptive and you don't always get an alert from Zapier. Using this zap template, you can be sure you'll know any time it happens.

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How to use

This zap is quite simple to use. By default, the zap will trigger whenever any zap in your account is switched off - either manually by you, or because of an error.

Create a Zapier automation that triggers when a zap is switched off.

Depending on your needs, you can use the three dropdowns on the trigger tab to narrow the circumstances in which the zap will trigger. "Account" lets you restrict the trigger to only zaps on a certain account (if you're part of multiple teams). "Folder" lets you restrict to zaps in a certain folder. Finally, "Zap" lets you target a specific zap.

The next step sends out an email. This can be customized or even swapped out for something else like an SMS, or Slack alert for example. In this example, we've mapped in the zap's name to make it easier for you to identify which zap needs checking.

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