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Zapier task usage alerts

Zapier task usage alerts
April 21, 2020

Zap Template: Zapier task usage alerts

Zapier will send you an email once you've used 80% of your plan's task quota for the month, but perhaps you want more granular options. Using this zap template you can set a % or fixed number of tasks threshold trigger and send yourself an alert by email, SMS or any other means.

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How to use

When setting up this zap, the trigger step give you two options. You can trigger when a certain % of your tasks have been used, or when you reach a fixed number of tasks used.

Get an alert from Zapier when you've used up a percentage of your plan quota.

You can't set multiple thresholds in a single zap, so if you want more than one alert you'll need to set up multiple zaps.

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