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Zapier + Notion - the get started guide

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In this guide, we'll go through everything you need to know about connecting Zapier & Notion, and what you can build once you have.


With the much-anticipated launch of Notion's API finally behind us there is now a Zapier Notion integration available to use:

What triggers/searches/actions are available with Notion's Zapier integration?

For now, it's quite a basic integration - you can only interact with database items, and not pages. This will probably change as the integration develops and moves out of beta.

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How to connect your Notion account to Zapier

Zapier have published this in-depth guide to get your started:

To summarise:

  • You'll need to be an admin of the workspace you want to connect.
  • Next, you need to create a bot in your Notion account. Go to the Integrations tab in Settings. Click on the link that says Develop your own integrations.
  • Give your bot a name, click to create it, then click to reveal your secret token. Copy this as you'll need it back over in Zapier.
API token in Notion
  • In Zapier, click to create a new zap, select Notion as either your trigger or action step, and on the next tab, you'll be prompted to connect your Notion account using the token you just copied.
  • Once successful, the final thing you need to do is invite your Notion bot to the board you want to connect to. Do this using the blue button on the top right of your Notion board - the bot you created will be an available option (make sure to allow edit access).

If you're a more visual learned, check out this video guide from Vensy Krishna where she steps through connecting Notion to Zapier and creating new database items fro Google Forms submissions (skip to 8:28):

What sort of things can I do with Notion's Zapier integration?

Zapier suggest some ideas including:

  • Create and update documents
  • Track tasks and projects
  • Organize customer information
  • Stay on top of changes in Notion
  • Log useful information

They also published some more detailed advice in the from of a guest post from Notion expert William Nutt:

Can you automate Notion using other tools?

Yes you can!

Automating Notion with Integromat

Integromat has a Notion integration which is notable for having more functionality than Zapier's, including the ability to retrieve content from and add to existing pages. It also has a "Make an API Call" action step which allows you to utilise all the Notion API endpoints.

Here's a guide from Max van Collenburg to get you started:

They've also created this tutorial, showing how you can send tweets from a Notion board:

Automating Notion with n8n

Similarly, n8n has a Notion integration that allows you to interact with blocks, pages, database items and users - making it the most comprehensive of all three services.

To give you some inspiration, the n8n team has written this guide.

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March 8, 2022
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