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Great Zapier video tutorials [updated 2020]

Great Zapier video tutorials [updated 2020]
September 4, 2020

Do you prefer to learn Zapier using video tutorials? If so, here are some of the best we've found.

Zapier for beginners

Zapier 101 - How to build automated workflows & connect your apps to each other with Zapier

This is Zapier's official 101 introduction tutorial. Long, but detailed, it's a great place to start if you want a really indepth introduction to the platform.

Getting started with Zapier triggers and actions

A nice condensed introduction to Zapier and the key features of the zaps you'll build - triggers and action steps.


A simple walkthrough showing you step by step how to build a basic zap that connects Google Sheets and Gmail.

Zapier tutorial for beginners - Learn how to use Zapier and create your first Zap

Another great introduction to Zapier tutorial, covering the basics of the platform, how to build a zap, and how to come up with ideas for your own business.

How to Master Multi-Step Zaps Like a Pro

Multi-step zaps are where things get interesting with Zapier, allowing you to automate complex workflows. This tutorial will help you understand them.

Using Zapier to do specifc things

Awesome Cross-posting from Instagram to Twitter with Zapier

Learn how to build a zap that will automatically post new Instagram posts to your Twitter feed.

How to get a random row from Google Sheets with Zapier

Useful for if you want to build quote of the day style processes, or grab random bits of data when there is a new form submission or contact record in your CRM - this tutorial will show you how to grab a random row from a Google Sheet

How to automatically tag subscribers in Mailchimp

When Zapier adds new people to your Mailchimp list for you, it can be useful to tag them based on certain criteria. This tutorial shows you how to do that.

Zapier business case studies

No-code workflows that grew a $10M company

In this video, SwagUp talk through how they use Zapier to streamline customer onboarding, getting orders delivered to customers and even to automate their hiring process.

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