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Case Study


How Luhhu helped a legal services company save 35 hours each week by automating repetitive business processes with Zapier.

The Challenge

Each time Squiggle Consult received a lead, hours of repetitive administrative work was required to onboard the new client. Luhhu was tasked with automating this whilst retaining high levels of customer service.

The Outcome

Onboarding is now completed automatically, saving 10-15 minutes per lead. This saves 35 hours per week, enabling Squiggle Consult to scale up their business.

The Story

Squiggle Consult was founded by Kieran Osborne in June 2017.

They are a team of independent legal consultants based in Kent, England, who offer a variety of estate planning services, including Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney and Probate.

Over the last 3 years, they have grown significantly, with leads coming from inbound enquiries from their website and referrals from a legal services guild.

But growth can be a double-edged sword. As their business has grown, so has the complexity and scale of administration required, slowing the growth of the business.

For each referred lead, a complicated process had to be followed, taking upwards of 10 minutes per customer:

  1. Receive the lead as a PDF file in OneDrive
  2. Review the PDF and create customer records in Capsule CRM
  3. Based upon the information in the PDF, create an invoice in Xero

With such a time-consuming process, Kieran reached out to Luhhu for help.

How Luhhu Helped

Our first step was to jump on a discovery call with Kieran to map their existing onboarding process and understand how data flows within Squiggle Consult.

We need the OneDrive PDFs entered in Capsule, and then we need to be able to generate Xero invoices from Capsule

Next, we came up with a fully custom solution to automate this process, by breaking the process down into clear steps:

Step 1: Parse the OneDrive PDFs

Part of being a Zapier expert is keeping up to date with the best-in-class software solutions for automation tasks. Ones that pair well with Zapier.

To parse PDFs and other files, we like to recommend Docparser, a document processing solution. We created a workflow in Zapier to detect when a new OneDrive file is added, then send this to Docparser to be processed into individual plain text fields for all relevant data.

Step 2: Create records in Capsule

Next, we need to take the plain text from Docparser and create contacts and opportunities in Capsule, their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

However, the existing Capsule CRM Zapier integration was missing key features. To solve this, we used our technical expertise to develop a custom Zapier integration on top of Capsule's API, adding the ability to search using custom fields, and update customer records.

We then added this as a step in Zapier, so Docparser would send the customer information directly to Capsule CRM.


Step 3: Create an invoice in Xero when a Capsule CRM task is created

Our final step was to create a Zapier workflow which triggered when a new Capsule CRM task is created.

When a task is created, and its title matches a certain trigger word, an invoice is automatically created in Xero. The line items and costing of this invoice are calculated automatically by formatter steps in the zap, using data from Capsule.


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The Result

Before automation was implemented, a staff member needed to personally review PDFs and create records manually across numerous systems.

This meant paying salary and had the potential to introduce human error and mistakes in the client onboarding process.

By implementing workflow automation with Zapier, customers are now onboarded automatically. This allows Squiggle Consult to focus on growing their business rather than mundane administrative work and avoids troublesome mistakes being made and potentially missed.

"I would say Luhhu has saved the business approximately 35 hours a week, the equivalent of a member of staff. For me, it is an investment in the future. I have a small but growing business & due to the number of consultants gradually increasing, the time & cost saved by this work will only increase over time."

We continue to work with Squiggle Consult to identify further opportunities for automation and provide support when required. When asked what his overall impression was of working with Luhhu and its founder, Andrew Davison, Kieran said:

“Andrew has been an integral part of growing my business efficiently. He is often on hand to assist my immediately & will help set up for him to spot errors or potential improvements in my business immediately”
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